Does anyone know what seeing roaches whenever in contact with a target could mean? I’ve had no roaches in my house this year and have seen one every time I have Reinstated contact with him. This last time I had Taken a break from working on him and when i started again I saw A baby roach. He confided in me that he used to have nightmares about roaches and that he hates them. It was suggested to me by some people who were mostly into hoodoo that it could be ancestral protection but that feels intuitively off to me. Any ideas?

Roaches can be totems like any other animal but I’ve found them to be parasitic and invasive energetically as well as physically.
One indicates at least 20 more you can’t see. So think of that as issues, sicknesses or blocks unseen.

It can have a positive meaning as well.
They can symbolize the aggressive destruction of negative or harmful aspects of self.
The problem is they don’t always draw a line on just harmful so becareful.

I’d personally recommend traps around your place just in case, they are nasty if they make a habit of showing up.


They’re also pesky and difficult to get rid of. They may be more stubborn to get rid of than they may seem.

If the roach is the totem of a target, a well cast banishing may be more appropriate.


This dude is a very religious muslim, and almost definitely a psychopath. I have Traps out for sure, I was Just wondering what it meant as it obviously has to do with him specifically.

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Energy wise, what have you caught onto?

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From him?

Yes. What do you see?

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If you accidently give it permission to be in your home, getting ride of the little ones will be 10x harder. Traps, even spraying will seem to have little effect so make sure they know to stay out.

Like a damn Hollywood Vampire those Spirit animals are :expressionless:


Dissolve washing soda in water, then spray around doors, entry points and skirting boards. Dries to a fine white powder, roaches walk through it, clean it from themselves and die. Non-toxic to almost everything, except cockroaches.



He’s evil! And not in a good way…

Fits Roaches for me…

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Feed them be cool n feed them…muhahahaha …any way here is what you do forget traps ok u take detergent powder n put out as many of that on paper as you need n pour syrup and surgery on it they b dead by the next day n u gotta get away from your target its like he is plagued n that can rub off on you as well



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So y’all think the roach is somehow indicative of his energy/character?

Very strong possibility if u only see them wen he come around


Ok. Well he’s not bothering me. I’m just trying to curse him at the moment, but when I started Working on him I saw The baby so I was Wondering if y’all thought it was religious protection or just his filthy character. Sounds like most of you think it’s the later.

Maybe both if u curse him it may be a double edge sword either way cast a protection spell on your self just n case

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Haven’t seen one since the last time I started Working on him again. Actually i got rid of the bottle I had With cigarette butts in it and I haven’t seen one since.

He protected then counter protection u can’t be too safe