Rivalry between spirits

Is It possible to goetic demon, or Any kind of Angel/demon/god to have rivaltry with others? What demons are good to work with that have a good relationship with Astaroth, Bael e Lucifer?


Yes. Some personalities clash, just like with people.

One of King Paimon’s wives once told me that the king and Asmodeus didn’t get along because of Asmodeus’ penchant for trying to seduce his wives.

King Paimon is very close to Lucifer, and is a great demon to work with.


Yes, they are just like humans, likes, dislikes, annoyances, joys, fears, etc. They’re not disembodied beings or robots.


And that’s what I like about them.

In my old RHP the “angelic beings” I was associating with weren’t even the same ones I experienced when doing occult style evocations. Now I believe I was interacting with thoughtforms, just weak deceptive liars. Completely ‘love and light’ and would never not be ‘unconditionally loving’.

These entities actually show us to give and demand respect.