Ritualy opening The Anakim square

In EE EA says that The Book of the Sacred Majick of Abramelin the mage describes how to open the square.

I downloaded the book in pdf form,and there are only 2 squares and no mention about majick what-so-ever.Its just Abramelins son going on and on about his father,and there is no mention of how to perform majick.

Is the pdf version bullshit? Should I just buy the book?

The pdf version is correct. There are 3 books. You’ll find the squares in the third book.

You open a square the same way you open a sigil.

If your going to go by what SMAM says you’ll need to perform the Abramelin operation and attainn K&C of your HGA before using the squares.

But the squares work just as well without the K&C.

Read my post again. I said if he chooses to follow the grimoires instructions he’ll need to do that.

I also explained you open a square just like a sigil. The forum has covered this as well as E.A’s works that detail using a square. There is at least a couple threads about squares, try the search function.

Have you attained K&C of your HGA?

I feel your pain Musta. I bought a pdf copy of the first book a few year ago and sat through a backstory that would have made Tolkin say “Damn son, get to the point.”

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Which one of the 3 books gets to the rituals,and The Operation of the HGA?

The second.

Not really. But I do know her name and I can invoke her anytime. Also, the IAO formula is pretty good.