Do you write your own rituals? Or you follow rituals from grimories/other magicians?



I write most of mine but depending on what im doing and why ill do some from grimiores of others.
I really like writing my own though. Adds my flare to them.


I prefer not to follow the ritual description strictly and to tweak the rituals according my intuition.

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I find i get the best results finding inspiration in the spell or book your looking at, and use your inspiration to use the spell the way you feel most drawn to. So altering it in whichever way you feel connected. If it feels right to change it up, do so. :grin:

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A while ago I decided to go “by the book” (equipment aside), considering that perhaps I made various types of jumps and it may be better to start again as a beginner. In case, I will evolve into a true expert and spontaneously create my versions.
Prior to that, I did so or also simply mix instructions by different authors trying to assemble one cohesive and harmonious practice.

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Lots of times i modify the Initial rituals and personalyze them. I enjoy sticking to my own rules.

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