Rituals to stop an anemic person from dying?

One of my friends is drinking blood from a women for lifeforce and it is slowly killing her. Is there a way other than my friend stopping drinking blood or conjuring some beings to do this? I prefer to do things myself.

For the anemia part: If you can convince her to eat fooods that are rich in iron and actually healthy like kale and/or meat, she could avoid poisoning herself with blood. She can also take iron supplements that are meant to be digested in pill form or in a liquid that. can be put in some water, which is less dangerous overall. (The pills are much more likely to mess with the digestive system, though).

I don’t really have any ideas for a ritual except doing a simple ritual to increase your influence on her or to deter her from regular blood drinking. Anemia is a type of physical condition that can be caused by many things and unless it’s sickle cell anemia, changing a person’s diet should be able to counter it fairly easily when consistent. (Even if the person is experiencing anemia through menstrual blood loss).

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Call upon Anubis. He will help you.

Call on Marbas or maybe an angel. Freyja is also a good choice. Maybe Baldr?

Also meditation is also good as it will help reduce pain and tiredness and crystals and herbs and iron put into a pouch that she carries on her should help aswell. I suggest bloodstone to cleanse the blood, rose quartz for self love and to reduce the pain levels as well and normal quartz to help amplify the power of the other two. Also increasing foods with iron might help too.

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Anemia absolutely sucks. But I couldn’t bring myself to drink blood. There are ways to deal better such as what she’s eating.
Red meat

There is an OTC iron pill called SlowFE that doesn’t kill your stomach either.

For entities , Lucifer helps me quite a bit with literally everything but President Marbas would show her the way also.

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I agree with all the diet suggestions.

I’d ask Eir, the Norse physician goddess for help with this too. Can’t hurt but as I rarely do rituals for any physical ailments or deficiencies I can’t suggest any.

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Killing who? The woman or your friend?

If your friend is anemic, there is no way they are getting enough through sanguine feeding to have any beneficial effect unless she is drinking a lot at once (which is harder than you might think) or doing it all the time,which could get awkward.

Ritual wise, and I am not joking here, use magick to encourage your friend to seek more effective sources of iron. Vitamin supplements are okay, but there is no substitute for real food. Cooking it in cast iron pans can help, and there are food safe iron fish you can put in soups and other liquids to add iron content. Anemia actually kills a lot of people in less bountiful parts of the world, but it is very easily managed if you know how.

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