Rituals/Spirits of Hope?

I’m going through a lot right now and my hope for a happy life has taken quite a beating. I could really use some hope and some good things happening. I don’t really care how small they are. And to those that worry about me, I’ll be okay. I’m leaning on the spirits and they’ve been great. But I could really use some ways to bring about good things to myself. I’m not looking for anything in particular, just a little beacon of hope to get the fires burning brightly again. I know I will be okay and that I can transcend, I simply want a break from the shit show that’s going on right now.


@FraterMagni Evoke and invoke Hope as a concept. She is a being in and of herself.
After that, ask her to have her servitors (spirits of hope) to minister unto you.

Ill do rituals on my end for goodluck and positive shit if you want :smiley:


Also i think a Talk with Fate herself would be in order. Persuade or rather command her to give you a break from life and all the stress

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Letana, the Encouraging Angel, from Kingdoms of Flame.

She brings courage and strength when despair prevails. Open her sigil and lean on Her.


Frater, why don’t you put your request in the friends of benefits group too, sure lots of people can help you, and I would do some extra work for you too, I already done since I have read your first message there, concerning what you have tell us there,
Stay strong, much love and peace in your way!


That’s a great idea about Hope, you could maybe personify it as a person, anime, cartoon or whatever, and counsel with it (as well as anything else)?

There are many statues of concepts being personified, it seems likely other people have done the same.

And in addition, Hathor can help with this, she’s loving and focused on the good things of life, and she understands the human need for hope and for respite from grim shit. :sunny:

Got a feeling Varnaxis may also help you, he enjoyed life and is closer to humanity than probably a lot of other spirits.


You could also print out the image of the Tarot Card The Star, and use it as a gateway to contact the personification of Hope.


A ritual with the sun and jupiter would be good for this. Whether is invoking them to expand hope within self or evoking to externalize and draw situations that inspire hope. I’ve done both great success when things take an overly grim cast. Ended up having some neat articles and reports thrown my way out of nowwhere along with random situations that just inspire hope from witnessing them.