Rituals of Pleasure

So, today I finally received my copy of Rituals of Pleasure and decided to put it to some use. I visualized Lilith as my lover and imagined her making love to me as I masturbated. Afterwards, she called me to her garden of Gamaliel in my sleep. However, I found myself unable to sleep but, as I called her and told myself that I would enter her garden. I started to have visions in my minds eye. I saw Lilith’s many faces, some sigils that I’ve used in my workings, and the layout of the dark tree as the Qabala. I then saw myself entering into the realm of Gamaliel and as I was flying through the dark forest. I saw many succubi and incubi having sex and saw Lord Samael. He welcomed me and then beckoned that I joined the lovely succubi that came over and took me over to what looked like a couch. Three of them were with me at the moment as two started to give me a falatio while I licked the other. Who then out of the blue grew a penis and I’m not exaggerating here. It was then that Lilith, and Lady Naamah joined us. As we were about to bask in sinful debauchery. Another joined in and immediately sat on top of me Eisheth herself. She then presented a chalice to me and said, “drink.” I did, and everything spanned as we engaged in pleasures. Afterwards, Lilith took me over to the bonfire which had a black flame and had me reach out to it. Telling me that I had to harness the black flame but must first heal myself. She then gave me a gift and placed it around my neck. I then found my mind returning to me and unable to fall asleep.