Rituals in Angels of Omnipotence - How often?

How often should the rituals in the angels of omnipotence be done. The text is quite vague about the number of times it needs to be repeated.
Since this book has been experimented upon in this forum by several of them can you pls let me know the frequency that most of them did?
How often did most of you do the rituals in the book.
3, 7, 11 ??? Daily or weekly once ?

Once a day for a week.

Doing the pathworking is better though.

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thanks for the reply.
Is the pathworking verse cum imagination usually combined with sigil gaze ? do they work in unison?
Or should they be done in either the pathworking way or just gazing at the sigil.

You decide for yourself how often you want to do the ritual. As stated in the book, just find a schedule that works best for you.

thanks for your reply. do u usually combine the pathworking visualisation with sigil gazing ?

No, I don’t. I do them separately.

so i assume the pathworking method practically needs no materials at all, not even the sigil right, except maybe candles / petitions.
and will it be wrong to combine both to ensure a better connection

The pathworking needs nothing but you and your mind.

The glyphs are for specific purposes, while the pathworking can be used to make contact for whatever you want.

sure .thanks…
i assume when u use the word glyphs u are referring to the sigils for specific purposes? Correct ?

The glyphs are the shapes that make up the sigils. That’s what Tempest calls them in the book so that is the word I use.

You can combine the glyphs to make your own sigils.

yes … got it … i read that bit in the book …

You can try both if you want, at least that’s what I did until I figured out the pathworking was better for me.

Just make sure you actually close the pathworking by getting out of it lol I once forgot and almost felt asleep. Not good.