Rituals by EA Koetting

Hey there! Did anyone ever buy one of the rituals that can be bought from this website, mainly one performed by EA Koetting. I think he has a fair price, but does it actually work? Anyone had any experience with his rituals?
And maybe some opinions on this?
Is it a good thing when someone else performs a ritual for you? Especially if you are not that advanced.
What is the secret for a ritual/spell to work? I keep reading that you can do it or someone else does it and you have to take your mind of it, is it just for love spells or in general?

Thank you :pray:t3:


I haven’t purchased one but from what I’ve read around here, yes, they work. You should stick to trying out rituals yourself though

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Do you have a reason why you think I should try and not to ask him?
I don’t know if I have it in me…

Did anyone here ever had a ritual performed by EA Koetting? It is really important to know if it worked.