Rituals and evoking questions

I have some questions about rituals and evoking that I hope you guys can help me with. I live at home with my mom who is very religious and the problem is that I’d like to practice magick but if she finds out about it she will most likely kick me out of the house along with some other drastic things. So my question is can you perform rituals and evoke entities without an alter, ritual tools, candles, summoning circles, and whatever else you need to perform these? Also what might the bare minimum supplies be to perform them if you can’t do it with nothing, and how hard would it be to perform rituals and evocation without all or very little items? What are the dangers of doing it this way?


You can evoke with just yourself.

One of the problems with this is that you have very little to keep yourself focused, so as a new magician, you may have a difficult time with success.

However, there are a number of different practices you can do without most of the ritual materials.

For instance, you can do a scrying evocation, where the only thing you really need is a black mirror or bowl, a light source, and perhaps the sigil of the entity you wish to contact. One of my black mirrors is just a biggish picture frame I got at the dollar store, and I put black paper where the photo would go - seems to work pretty well and is quite inconspicuous. There are lots of threads about scrying around here, the ebook and nearly any of EA’s books should talk about it as well.

You can also do sigil magick or candle magick with a minimum of magickal tools and with stealth.

You could also get into Radionics, go download the ebooks from Uncle Chuckie’s website. That stuff might make you look like a nerd, but it definitely doesn’t look like “black robes and staves” magick. Still very cool stuff, but not nearly so obviously “magickal”. Try to make it look like a craft project and you shouldn’t have a problem. Definitely check out the Psionics Grimmoire.

Similarly, pre-requisite skills such as Astral Projection, meditation, trance-work, energy work, Yoga, Qigong, astral sight/hearing, etc. are all relatively free of props. At most, you need a chair, a notebook, and a few props that aren’t obviously magickal.

Also keep in mind that many of your materials and tools can be very stealthy. A cardboard box or trinket box (with or without a cloth to cover it) can be an altar, I’ve already described simple mirrors, any knife or stick can be your dagger/wand, any cup your chalice. There’s even a thread where necromaster discusses creating a fog machine instead of a brazier for smoke.

As you create ritual tools, keep them nondescript and nonobvious for as long as you must maintain your stealth - and don’t store them together. Keep them in places where the object in question would be kept. If your altar is a trinket box, put some cool rocks in it and put it on the bookshelf. If your dagger looks like a hunting knife, keep it with similar things. Keep your journals and books stored in a secure location where they will not be found, or make your own (false) dust-jackets for them and keep them with other normal books. You get the idea.

I would advise reading ALL of the threads in the newbie forum, as others have asked this question in different ways - there will be a lot of good info for you.

Also, remember, you gotta be 18 to be on this forum… so if you’re not, never admit that you are, haha.

Again, I can’t stress enough the value of reading pretty much everything in the New Magician Help forum, and bookmarking any threads you may want to reference again. Here are a few very useful ones from the first few pages:




no worries about that I’m 23 just living at home until I’m done with college that’s all. Thanks for the advice but are there any dangers that come with practicing this like backfires, possession/haunting’s for example. Also is physical harm or damage possible if performed this way?

Not too much, no. I mean, if you do straight evocation without anywhere for the spirit to go, it may be disorienting as hell, or you might not be able to interpret it at all (and so dismiss it as nothing).

Scrying evocation doesn’t really need a circle, unless it helps you focus. Even then, you could use a hula hoop - just empower it the same way you would any other ritual circle.

The circle and the triangle are not for protection, generally speaking, they’re for your focus. Advanced evokers can evoke with nothing - because they are skilled and don’t need the props. For the rest of us, the ritual tools help us focus without as much effort - saving our more humble mental and spiritual energies for the ritual.

But no, I don’t think you’re more prone to harm. I just think you may be less likely to have success at full evocation if you have no props. Honestly though, you could paint a magic circle on a piece of cloth and fold it up and put it under your bed. If you were to be caught with it, just say it’s a prop for some hobby you have, or say it’s for Buddhist meditation.

I agree with redcircle. His advice is great as always. I wouldn’t worry about dangers, let the fear of it all go and you will benefit greatly. If you fear what can happen if you progress then you cant go anywhere. Take the suggestions redcircle gave and make the best with what tools you can muster. I like the last comment best. When I was a teen I told my mother that some of my ritual items were for Buddhist meditation. She never knew any better. Now my fiancé who isn’t into magick but knows that I am, jokes by calling my rituals my meditation time. You can always find a way to make it work. If you can’t at home, I would suggest a secluded place outdoors.

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Ok thanks for all the advice guys this has really helped me out a great deal and have given me some good ideas for things to take into account.