Rituals and entities that aid in destroying parts of yourself

Hello BALG. I'm 31 and have a history of failed relationships. Most recently I got dumped out of nowhere and can't help but feel ashamed and embarrassed about how much I loved someone, how much I gave to her and how my entire world was just pulled from underneath me. 

I once had my heart shattered in Las Vegas and otw home back to California I couldn't help but feel empty, distraught and absolutely horrid. As I was driving home I thought of Belial and it occurred to me that he could and would aid in strengthening me. How likely is it that perhaps he took note of my pain at the time and popped into my head, sort of saying "look, you know of me, I've helped you before and I'll help you with this?"

Anyway. What I am getting at is that I really don’t want anything to do with that part of myself that believes in love, that goes to Cloud 9 only to be casted down like an angel that’s angered its god. What ritual, rituals or entities do you guys know of who will help aid me in becoming a different man that isn’t so vulnerable to such agonizing heartache? I want to be stronger and no longer want to be the ignorant dreamer whose pleasant dreams of love and companionship often turn to absolute nightmares.


Ritual’s and entities aren’t needed here.

Simply stop talking to yourself in your mind for long enough and it’ll happen on its own.

Alternatively, if you really want rituals and entities, just go for the ones that handle passions, are the opposite of the human version of love, or are so utterly unhuman in nature that their version of love is far and away different from yours.

Kurukulla and Vajrayogini for the first.

Thanatos, Red Santa Muerte, and other death’s for the second.

Cronus and the controller of clouds for the last one.

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Belial. Look into inner alchemy.


I would like to offer you a very powerful grounding ritual that can be of great aid in conjunction with calling entities forth for the destruction of the ego.
First I must state, when it comes to this sort of thing it is important to create before you destroy. Imagine the parts of you that you wish to evolve or shed like snake skin, Imagine also the aspects and virtues that you aspire towards, and imagine that as a part of you. Put yourself there even if only for a brief moment in the minds eye.
You will want to sit with your legs crossed facing the direction your spirit calls to, this direction can change with daily practice.

The EGO Rite: or the self centered art of self centering.

The Focus:

  1. Where the feet meet the thighs. Imagine this as your lower animal sphere.
  2. The chassis that cradles your organs, though it is this region that is the focus it is lead by the belly button. Imagine this as the sphere of your self manifested into the flesh of this world and the things you comprehend it as.
  3. The Crown. This region of focus should be imagined as the sentient self.

The Ritual:

  1. Focus on the first zone and chant with one very long breath out the letter E. Breath in.
  2. Focus on the second zone and chant with one very long breath out the letter G. Breath in.
  3. Focus on the third zone and with one very long breath out the letter O. Breath in.
    -Go through this cycle four times
  4. Focus on the first zone and say out loud in long chant form the word Epsilon.
  5. Focus on the second zone and say out loud in long chant form the word Gamma.
  6. Focus on the third zone and say out loud in long chant form the word Omega.
    -go through this cycle four times.

Call on the Goddess Diana, ask her to " deliver my suffering", hold on, because it’s going to be a fucking ride.

I’m not responsible if you wind up puff starting a pistol.

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Santa Muerte in her red aspect

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They’ll either die, or improve greatly, kind of a 50-50 shot.