Ritually charged candle and blood

I’ve been burning my blood on a candle during my prayers to a diety for change. I’ve already done my evocation and such but I’ve been burning my blood in the flame of the candle each night as a energetic offering for the manifestation of my desire.

Essentially channeling that burnt offering to the spirit to use. Would you see that as a power up or unneeded?

Thank you !!

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Many things that people do on this forum are pretty unneeded to certain extent, don´t get me wrong, all of it is still HIGHLY usefull. So who is to say what you are doing is unneeded. Though, my recommendation would be that you don´t give your blood as an offering unless there is mutual strong connection. I have a little perpective here for you to pick on little bit: Your blood is a gift in a way so you shouldn´t give it away so cheaply.


I have a connection with the spirit (especially after using blood) because that soliditys that relationship. But I thought evoking the Goddess I’m working with and offering blood in the fire would help the manifestation process.

I defiantly wouldn’t put blood on a sigil unless I have a deep connection. I did that before with Lucifer (happy I did now) but didn’t realize how intense of a connection it was gonna make.

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So have you given your blood as an offering the spirits or your ritual intention? I mean there is a difference. The latter can be done without much thought but the former not so. The former always requires seconds thoughts to reconsider if you should do it.

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I guess it was for both. I’d say to the spirit it was for them to use that energy to bring more energy towards the desired manifestation.

What’s your thoughts on that?

I don´t know your history with the goddess so I´m not not even going to try to quess. But lets assume that you have a functional but not the most intimate connection to such a spirit: Should you give your blood as and offering to such a spirit? No. Should give your blood as an offering for your desired outcome of a ritual, a spell or a manisfestation of the outcome?Definetely wiser option than than the former.

The reason is because if you develop the habit to give your blood as an offering to every darn spirit that you encounter, it has risks. Now, I don´t think that if you give your own blood as an offering to azazel and it´s not approriate, that Azazel would abuse it. Same thing could be said about many other spirits that people on this forum work with but there are spirits that aren´t so peacefull about it.


I have a great relationship with the spirit, but it really is towards my goal. It’s why I’m hesitant using it because the connection increases heavily.

How would you use your own blood to empower your ritual? After the ritual. Like tonite if I wanted to strethen the manifestation I’d like to desire.

Thanks for all these responses, truly helpful!

Well, the thing is that I do blood rites in the sense that I don´t offer my own blood as an offering to the spirits that I´m going to be working with. Not at all, I use my blood as a ritual component. I just recently also did a hex bag working working for somebody and that was also a vodoun working. In that working I used the blood of the willing person in it, you know, as a ritual component.


Thank you! I understand that better now. I watched EAs videos about blood sacrificing and such, so now I gotta grip.

Again thanks!

you are welcome

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