Ritual workers around Asheville NC

I am of the opinion that working with local occults would be mutually beneficial. With that said, I am looking for others around the Asheville North Carolina Area to connect with, discuss and perform rituals that are mutually beneficial for the participant’s.
Let me know if any one in the area has interest.

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I’m about an hour SW of you in Cherokee County, SC. I’m not very experienced or magically strong as of yet, but I’m better than nothing. What did you have in mind? I also know an RHP practitioner in my area. We don’t quite mesh, but again, he’s better than nothing.

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We are all not very experienced of proficient, that’s why we are here to support each others growth.
What I have in mind is a series of rituals seeking Bunes help aimed at solving our material concerns so we may learn that we may grow. Now I have not figured out the specifics yet, where we can conduct the rituals, where and how often we could meet as a group, but I believe that with the help of the Gods, we will overcome any and all obstacles.

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I must correct my mistype. I’m SE of you. I would be interested in being involved.

I’m not in NC but am planning on performing rituals with a small local group comprised of myself and one or two other people too. Any experience as far as the logistics involved with performing an evocation with more than one person? I made a thread asking about this here.

I am an hour west of you. I would certainly like to meet for coffee at least. The rest will work itself out.