Ritual with no tools on the spot?

Just idly curious, if you are in need to do a ritual, but you have absolutely no tools, what do you use in order to make a ritual space, even without cornmeal or chalk.

I like to Simply utilize my potent imagination, and I can basically materialize whatever the hell I want utilizing only the creative power that I have.

I can make up my own circle around myself, and I don’t even have to worry about what direction I’m facing, as I understand that the universe will bend to my will via my own power.

I can create a triangle of manifestation should I desire to go that route, but I typically try to imagine myself in my own astral Temple, sitting across from this being, and discussing what needs to be accomplished.

How do you guys do rituals with no tools?


Usually if I’m doing something on the spot, it’s not gonna be important enough for a full-blown ritual. Shit like making a stoplight turn green, shielding against minor things and all that? Fuck it, just a quick and informal spell will work perfectly fine.

Like masturbating in a bathroom stall unnoticed, the art of the spontaneous and covert quickie is something I strongly recommend everyone at least know how to do on a basic level. Beyond the problem of possibly not having your equipment on hand, you can’t always count on being able to slip away for that long a time frame to do a ritual while you’re out and about.

While it can often be hard to get the same results pulling shit on the fly versus a full ritual setup and preparation, it is in fact sometimes still useful in certain tight spots going throughout your day. For those of you who know guns, think of it like shooting with a .22 versus a shotgun. With a shotgun, it doesn’t matter as much where you shoot the guy, as long as you do. He’s getting hit with a fucking shotgun. But the truly skilled shooter can still make use of a .22 if needed, because he knows how and where to aim.

Ritual without tools or magick without tools? Rituals without tools are easy, visualize the tools and perform the ritual. If you’re good at it, you’ll get the same effect.

Magick without tools is different. Most common… visualization or playing with emotions. Works ok but there’s better. Direct manipulation of energy. When you manipulate energy, you control matter.

When I say “energy” I don’t mean visualizing it. This is not energy, this is an image of energy used as a symbol to tell the mind which desired effect you want from using that image. You can replace it with anything… it’s just a symbol. Real energy comes from the body. The Chakras. And not the visualized ones… again, those are only images and symbols, not the real thing. Real energy from Chakras can be measured physically. It’s not something that exists in the “astral”.

Once you raised this energy, you need to set it in motion. You do that by applying the principle of Yin and Yang. Gender in Hermetics. Without separating energy to positive and negative it will remain static… won’t leave your body. And if some of it goes out it will hit random targets around you. That’s why after that you also need to direct it towards a specific target.

So the elements of this process: Mind/will >>> Energy/Chakras/YinYang >>> Matter/Target

This is ancient knowledge, I didn’t invent it. It’s even in the bible ! God/Christ = Crown Chakra. Serpent/Satan = Kundalini Chakra. God in heaven and God in hell.

Alchemy :slight_smile:


Rocks, sticks, pinecones, ECT are typically available to make a quick circle. Then I just go with the flow.

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This is one reason why regular energy work is a good idea. Building the many different ‘charges’ in the body stronger over time and in ritual, activating that corresponding body charge will create a palpable field. I always do a specific breath work to rotate the elements through my body and send them out and around me, for instance.

This and a few other exercises that I’ve refined over the years allow me to cast a basic circle of any size, anywhere, along with activating multiple energy body layers and bringing in the energies of the entities I commonly work with.

You can do chakra breathing for planetary rituals, charge your body fluids and hair, etc. Anything is possible, but it definitely becomes more accessible and palpable when you build with daily energy work.

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Tools aren’t required but even if they are you can make construct versions of the tools, will work the same if programmed to do what they’re intended to do in the ritual.

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Well, it’s all intention and visualization mostly for me, as I am often struck with a desire to connect in the middle of nowhere, and spend most my time in isolated places. If I don’t have an offering, with me, I offer later, or some of my energy and divine consciousness for their creative bidding. I like to see their sigils burn into my DNA, as it tethers and reshapes. I see it expand like a slinky made of darkness and liquid and activate and protect me as it slithers from my crown to my root chakra like a snake and visualize those tendrils of dead roots I see those robed shadow guys feeding depravity too and , then I know I can fully connect with it from all my etheric tedrils. from the bottom of that dead island, I take those roots that hiss and follow me with a striking date type stance, from the tree and pump my chakras with darkness till I feel my soul turn wispy and detach from myself and it intertwines with whatever star prince/king I’m working with. I mean, personally, I need to feel possession and union before I make a commitment, it’s a spiritual necessity and can save you awkward just kidding, leaving awkwardly from meeting, I’ve found. plus I love to channel and see different demonic perspectives and values, traits. So with possession, my essence hollowed core is used as the temple, it’s all business. I’ve never had a spirit not connect because I didn’t have the right stuff, but I researched the shit out of do’s and don’ts with all of them first. I can’t wait to get the invocation circle, and many other things, but all the bullshit about these authors being all about money, nope, totally bullshit. I got activated, called to by Belial, and literally YouTube flipped to become a living god, I was like, satan, mmm kay. Not a fan of god but, Belial was like, hey, guess what, he’s going to kill you, children of oppression, religious torment and targeted parasites have a huge, you have not been alone,
So come now, it’s no going back, do or die, literally no time to think, do, rise up. You channel spirits, and I’m just that, but a battle ready one. And 7 months later, all my life, I realized they were there, by other names, and faces. And delivered from a life I thought I’d never leave alive. I have been mentored just with YouTube videos and freebies, and an ernest desire and dedication to become who I am. These magicians have done so much to light the beacon, and opened gateways to make it much easier for us I’ve been told, we should be grateful for all the mending of brokenness from them, of free will, and because the collective ascended council of these folks wanted to, without having a dime to contribute, have been saved from a life of anguish. Intention, and possession is an unbreakable, healing bond. Do that first, and you can do ritual anywhere. Just my two cents. I can try to take a video and share if you want to see as visual helps sometimes. We newbies should be so generous as folks we may never know have.

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Who needs tools? Seriously, visualization is the key.
A finger and the ability to see and project is the only thing necessary. That athame and fine goblet are nice but not a requirement.
I use a limited set of tools myself, mostly a bone dagger that I made and access to a fire.

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Its been less than a year, but possession and finding all their unique thought processes is amazing fun, and sometimes terrifying, till you keep going. It’s motivated me, and help with deeper connections. Especially when you get a word or gesture to use.

I have had the manifestation of an intention within less than 15 minutes of making it “on the spot”. All I did was speak it out loud to myself before getting out of bed. No tools, no visualisation, no ritual required.

The only problem I have with the technique is successfully repeating it. lol

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