[Ritual] Unblocking Your Path

Since I’ve been directed here somehow, I think I’ll help with some of the newer practitioners / psions.

Recently I’ve been having serious trouble with opening my third eye open and keeping it open however I have been making some breakthroughs and I think this may help with beginning practitioners as well. The visualization is key.

Starting with this video, this video is important to this and learning how to successfully open your eyes. Think of it like guided meditation but through brainwaves / theta-waves.

Lets begin :slight_smile:

Supplies :
Incense (The suffocating kind.)
Stereo headphones. ( Audio-Technica are what I use. )
A quiet place / quiet environment.
Altar to yourself. (For confidence.)
Black / Dark Purple candle.

Ritual :

  1. Light the incense and place one stick in each of the four corners of your home / workspace.

  2. Setup your altar to yourself, use something that you feel powerful about, something you have created.

  3. Start playing the music, put the headphones on.

  4. Light the candle and place it in the center of the altar. At eye level as many others have suggested, you don’t want to strain your neck or lower back.

  5. Focus on the sounds changing, you will hear several sounds, all of them emitting a different frequency. Focus on which ever ones you like.

  6. Stare into the flame of the candle, as you do this your vision will begin to blur and things will begin to “vibrate / radiate” around you. If you have noticed this you are starting to tap into your pineal gland. Simple right?

  7. Start losing yourself in the flame of the candle and imagine the flame directly in front of you just above your eyes. Focus on the warmth of the candle and continue to lose your “clear” vision.

  8. This is where we remember to breathe.

  9. Focus on the radiating energies around you and the one emitting from the flame. Your mind should begin to question what you’re doing, let the doubts go.

  10. Once you start to feel the transition, you’ll start to see a light, the color varies from person to person but the goal here is to follow / get as close to the light as you can. Your third eye does not want to be opened, it is not meant to be open (or so we’ve been taught.)

  11. Keep practicing this technique until you successfully open your third eye, I cannot tell you when you’ll know you’ve done it but when you know you will 100% undoubtedly know it.

Hope this helps. I’ve started my journey of re-opening my third-eye recently and would love to hear some of the results :slight_smile:


Good taste :wink:


I make beats :slight_smile: lol.

Thought that might be the case when I saw that lol.

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This looks great. I lack the supplies so it looks like I’m going to have to do this the old fashioned way😅

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The supplies just help with the “Visuals.” Your mind can’t stay focused on the music and the flame at the same time cause of the frequencies.

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