Ritual to perform for money success (for my YouTube channel)

ea just posted a video about this not too long ago i think. lemme find it for ya

IS archangel Metatron connected with wealth/finance? Isn’t he mainly about aligning events suitable for one’s spiritual ascension?

While he’s not associated with such things per se, his powers may be applied in such a way that bring about financial prosperity. Magickal Riches contains an incredibly rare combination of talismans taken from ancient texts the authors found in an expedition to the Middle East. These talismans contain Hebrew letter combinations that are extremely effective at bringing prosperity, and by combining this with the power of Metatron, you get some pretty damn good money magick.

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Do you know the name of the video? If I find it - I’ll post it here.

King Paimon for the strategy, and then Bune for the flow of income/wealth.

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I found that video. She got 300,000 subs in 5 months or something. I knew she did some kind of pact but she still doesn’t talk about which spirit she worked with

here’s hoping!