Ritual to help with my job

Hi All

So my job in the legal profession is stressing me out. I’ve been given so many cases that I’m missing deadlines. I’m exhausted and the workload is so heavy I haven’t taken a single day off in a year.

I’ve done energy work to help with the burnout and I’m due to do the ritual recommended to me in one of my previous topics to get rid of my bullying boss. However is there a ritual or spell or demon to help me maintain the edge on my legal cases?

I wouldn’t recommend a deity for that. As that once you have gained enough traction through intermittent spacial exposure IE getting away from all things and breathing/clearing your head then coming back to work you’ll be good.

Try some mucuna pruriens and red bull with zero sugar. And get deep rest

Also. Shout out to the lawyers attempting to regenerate the U.S and not too lost in the emotion of the field. I will be going to school to study law.
You don’t have to summon an entity to get the benefits of its power. Re interest yourself in law by studying some fun topics that originally got you into it or look into ways of practical communication with your boss after you have blasted him with the metaphysical and try to compromise on a more realistic schedule despite your passion for law. That’s my advice. Someone might have better advice. But you don’t want to summon something potentially long term for a problem that could be solved just with skill or communication

Hi I tried the communication issue and the response was unless I catch up on all my cases they will terminate my contract

Yup , I hear Belial does that and Paimon , another alternative is to work with a Shem Angel or an Archangel .

Whatever universal energies you work with. Do it for free :wink:

I’ll try to work with Paimon and/or Belial. I have more familiarity working with demons than angels but this may be ample opportunity to learn.

If you decide to do that take safety precautions .

How so? I’ve read the guides on this forum and it doesn’t indicate that I would need to take safety precautions other than maybe a cleansing to get rid of negative energy. Belial has come through for me before but taught me that I need to be more specific

Edit: do I need to take safety precautions when working with angels? I thought it was similar to working with demons?

Yes but even if you call Belial or Paimon imposter spirits can come , and if you don’t banish or do other things it could lead to disastrous consequences . You could use a circle of Solomon too .

I’ve chanted Paimon’s enn and petitioned Paimon verbally for his assistance so hopefully this will help. I will update this once results manifest

I thought I’d update this. I have a new job now but I recently found out my old manager in my old job is extremely ill so much so he has had to take time off. Hail Paimon!!!

I thought I’d update this once more. King Paimon continues to work on this. My old employer has been hospitalised once again and the remnants of his team are leaving. Once again hail King Paimon