Ritual to follow my own path

I did the ritual to remove the chains of Judeo-Christianism that is for three days I mean this: http://theisticsatanism.com/bgoat/rituals/LPBackwards.html
although I modified/customized it, I did it in order to remove fears that were instilled in me by those doctrines and to follow my own spiritual-magic-philosophy path.

I chose Cernunnos as I feel a great connection to him and the Celtic world… to Astaroth for being the second spirit I managed to invoke and that is who I am most confident in(like a friend)… and Lucifer that I felt could give me that spark of “freedom”.

I had an interesting conversation and I will leave it here:


Me: who?

Lucifer: Lucifer… is an interview.

Me: no

Lucifer: So… why are you writing?

Me: to keep this conversation.

-Reciting the enns—

– Loud noise in the room—

Astaroth: We are here!

Me: who?

Astaroth: the big and handsome … ok, I am joking I am Astaroth.

Me: --trying not to laugh—if you want another day we talk for a while but I want to do the ritual now…as I told you, it is for three days.

----Reciting some prayers to attract Cernunnos—

Lucifer: do you have his sigil?

Me: Yes

Cernunnos: Hello again, I am here.

Me: You are finally talking to me a little bit more.

Cernunnos: You can talk to us whenever you want but outside the ritual. Thank you for trusting us.

Me: Sometimes I find it hard to identify their voices.

Astaroth: And you could identify me like that?–a serious voice –

Me: --laugh—

Lucifer: As for your boy…

Astaroth: Be patience.

Lucifer: Yes please.

Cernunnos: Boy?

Astaroth: Her boyfriend

Cernunnos: Oh, I understand, the important thing is that she is happy. However, they should let her sleep, she will be very tired, so much energy for her now.

Me: Will I ever be able to make an evocation? Some day?

Lucifer: Yes of course!

Astaroth: Exactly, but you need to be stronger

Cernunnos: An even stronger witch…

Astaroth: and perhaps less scary… bye, say hello to your dog for me.

Lucifer: I like her cat better… Take care.

Something interesting was that I felt more free to the days and also had a dream with my father (r.i.p.) congratulating me and saying me that heaven or hell does not exist if that is worrying me and that he will continue to love me and that what i did is good…

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Later you will perhaps find what is valious in Judaism and Christianity. I was never actually Catholic, but at some point I decided to be a Satanist, then I decided to be a Thelemite, but I have a deep love for the Orthodox Church that comes from past lives, and I’ve been on the verge of leaving magick to join that church, so I found that it is not like that Paganism or the LHP, or even Thelema, are superior states that one reaches after leaving a form of Christianity. As for Judaism, at some point I found the Qabalah and it was not a bad thing anymore.

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You chose an interesting 3 entities, seems like an interesting ritual also.

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