Ritual to Cthulhu not work?

So last night I conducted a ritual which was met to allow my soul to travel to the the plane of Cthulhu, or at most a brief discussion. I used the standard reverse pentagram, with an added water element triangle going trough the middle. I used the Simon Nerco Sigil for Cthulhu in the center, and used the Tyson sigil on top. I used the alchemy symbol for Mars, The runes Radio and Kanuz, a bronze goblet filled with water, and spent around an hour and a half chanting and asking my request. I was having a little sting on the top of my head and my shoulder blades felt on fire. Once I was done, and felt content, I took the sigil under my pillow, and right before went to my pendulum to confirm it worked. I go to sleep- and nothing happened? My dream did involve Cthulhu- but more so a simple dream of being in a store and gazing at an Idol to him. Was that a sort of sign? Should I try it again for a longer time? Any ideas or questions are welcome. Thank you.

P.S: I will mention that I am not quite- sensitive to forces as of yet. I get basic feelings of warmth of random stings and etc, but have never heard or seen any being.

@DarkestKnight might be able to help, as I think he’s the most knowledgeable in this aspect of things as I’ve seen.

Ah, thank you! I will consider contacting him, if is is free and willing of course.

Most of the peopls who use tat sistem. Get a sign. Dream etc, but not mean tey are exactly sure of wat to do nxt. Either try another similar sistem. Or branch to others societies

There is ALOT going on here but I’ve no idea why you would try to evoke Cthulhu with it. Personally it sounds like ya went a bit overboard short circuited your own rite. When i evoke any of the old ones i am just using their image as the sigil and incense and their name as the mantra.

Most of what you have on here is pulled from other traditions so that is alot of outside connections your mind has to focus on that have nothing to do with what your goal was.
This is how it appears to me as i read through it.

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