Ritual timing

For example. tommy wants to do a ritual to sway there teacher (I’ll call him mr David or something idk🤣) so that way mr David gives Tommy a good score on the test. And Tommy will call a spirit for this. But the test isn’t for a few months from now lol. If Tommy did the ritual two months prior to swaying mr David’s mind would it matter?

My question is does timing matter or can you do a ritual as early in advance as you want.

You can do it as early as you want. Time is not a factor.


I agree that timing isn’t a factor in that you can do a ritual as early as you want but timing may be considered important if there are lot of moving parts or strong wills involved. You should give your workings sufficient time to manifest and this is where a diary of workings can help so you can remember what you did and when and what the outcome was. Although I am personally terrible at keeping a diary


I would concur in terms of doing it well in advance. But I question whether time not being a factor would apply in close proximity to the event if there are many or difficult factors to shift.
Ie, if Tommy was ten minutes out from the teacher marking the test when he performed the ritual.

I realise this is getting into the lineararity (word I just made up) of time question. But in my view, if many things need shifting, that can take time to achieve in a linear sense


Right, because what if Tommy is the bully, or the trouble maker and Mr. David is inclined to grade Tommy harsher than the other children?

Or what if Tommy is the neglected kid, could get the opposite right?

I personally like to consider the scenario and decide on a case by case basis. For example I know my husband wants to someday have his own big rig truck.

That’s a pretty complicated thing to accomplish, it’s not just one thing has to happen but many do. If I waited until it was two months before it was time to buy a truck, it would be really too late to influence anything but the actual purchase.

My solution was a servitor well over a year ago now, to steadily propel him towards the goal, as at the time I didn’t know what all it would take to even do.

On the flip side, other things I won’t know I need at all until days, or maybe even hours before the result is needed and I have no problem doing something on the fly that gets results.

Most of my works are not aimed at real complicated matters, so most of them come really fast. Sometimes minutes to days, but when you get into needing something like a good grade on Tommy’s test, you should probably do more than one working.

One Tommy probably needs to get his ass in gear and apply himself so he can do what he can towards earning the grade legitimately. Magic and lots of mind tricks can help with retaining information.

Two then Tommy should do something about either influencing the grade or the teacher so that Mr. David doesn’t see as many of Tommy’s mistakes, and maybe he doesn’t count off for grammar and spelling today either because he’s in a good mood.

What exactly Tommy should do is going to depend on what kind of student Tommy is, what kind of relationship he has with Mr. David and what other factors are there to influence this situation?

Also where Tommy is magically matters. Sometimes I think hmm maybe I’ll do a ritual because I want a… then I get given whatever it was the same day or within minutes, the next day whatever- but I’ve never even done the ritual or planned to even because it was really only a passing thought.


Magick flows retroactively through time, meaning that the when of the ritual doesn’t really matter. You can even do a ritual after the specific event you want to influence, and have it be successful. I think what you are referring to is the buffer of time in relation to the manifestation of the result, which is a different thing.