Ritual Supplies

Ok i just got through buying some basic evocation supplies charcoal burner,tongs,charcoal,blacksand.It wasn’t cheap either $193.00 with next day delivery.I know it’s not rocket science here but since this is my first time going to do this with these items tomorrow is there anything i should avoid doing so i don’t really fuck this up?

As long as you’re not a dick to the spirits and you don’t burn your house down you’ll be good. Just use common sense, make sure your candles and charcoals are set up so they won’t tip over or catch anything on fire. If you’re doing the ritual outside make sure the ground is clear so the breeze doesn’t blow the candles over into leaves or anything like that. If any of your items are glass, watch out as they may explode from heat. I’ve had a couple glass candle holders blow up on me over the years.

Just like the person above me said take some basic precautions regarding anything that has to do with fire. I have stands and holders for my candles to make sure they don’t fall over and I always keep a glass of water nearby just in case. With the outdoors it goes without saying that you want to make sure it isn’t wet or breezy, but you also need to make sure it is a secluded area where nobody will disturb you, especially if you plan to make it a long-term ritual area like with Pan and Lovecraftian works.

Keep your charcoal from getting damp, or it will just kind of fizzle - this is a major problem in damp rainy England anyway.

I use the silica gel sachets you get when you buy shoes and stuff, you can probably get them on eBay or even a small bag of salt might work, and keep them in a small airtight container.

My plans to evoke were delayed and had to cancel my order twice.For all intents and purposes it was cancelled before they would have sent my order.I got a little annoyed because upon finding out the money wasn’t in my bank account i called my bank and was told to wait until saturday and it should be there.So i waited and checked my account on several occasions with the same results.Then i got a ‘vision’ a couple days back of my order arriving but shook it off as wishful thinking.To my surprise i received my cancelled package.I guess my succubi really wanted that sandalwood votive candle.Anyway i got a couple more questions.Would it be best to light the charcoal during the actually evocation or during my sacred space prepartion?And do i just light the charcoal with a lighter?And thanks for the help.