Ritual suggestions for December 21

Hello everyone. You know December 21 is longest night in year. So can you advise any ritual (evocation,spells etc.) for this night? Especially,is this night suitable for workings of darkness?

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Everynight is suitable for the workings of darkness.

I think the question shouldn’t be what ritual but what do you want from the ritual.

I know every night suitable for workings of darkness, but i mean special nights like December 21. For example, will evocations be more efficient on these nights?

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Generally (I’m not sure with LHP) December 21st is known as the healing day. I would find an entity you want to work with for specific goals in your own life / healing.

I’ve been doing a longer rite that ends on the night of the 21st. More bang for my buck this way. Been doing it since the last new moon.

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