Ritual (spell) question - Love

Hi there,

Since i am not lusting for results and already gave up on my ex to comeback. Out of the sake of it, i wanted to experiment on him and develop my skills in love :slight_smile:

I am thinking to do a ritual that involves more then 5 spirits in a spell jar.

The spirits are: stiri, sallos, dantalion, astaroth, gaap, foras, and lucifer. (some of those spirits i have never called upon so thats why i am adding lucifer to the occasion to feel safer and to get their attention to work with me.

The ritual: I am planning to call upon them through using their enns and commanding them to come… when i feel they came and their sigil are open, i will get the jar and i will fill it with:

  • the Spirits sigils after i give blood on them
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • His tooth brush (its too tall so i am gonna break it and put the upper part only)
  • flowers
  • urinal (maybe still considering it)
  • separate petition paper (written in it the following) and i will add blood on it too:
  • one 10inch red candle to place on top of the jar after the ritual is over.
  • a bit of red wine
  • couple sprays from my perfume into the jar
  • Come to me boy oil
  • deadly attraction oil
  • Love oil

“(Person) will become completely obsessed with me.
The only thing he desires is to be reunited in a relationship with me.
He feels desperate for me. He will lose everything in his life
(job, apartment, friends) until he realizes I am his only source of happiness.
He will take any and all action required to get back into a permanent
relationship with me.This relationship will quickly lead to moving
in with me and marrying me. He will never want or be able to date
or talk to any woman except for me. He will be utterly miserable without me,
and blissfully happy with me. He will initiate contact with me every single day,
multiple times a day. He will chase me and will feel no fulfillment whatsoever
until he achieves obtaining a permanent,committed, monogamous relationship with me.
The more he tries to fight his obsessive desire to be with me,
the more miserable he will become, until he has no choice but to submit.”

^^ this i took from another balg member honestly, but i liked how harsh and commanding it is :slight_smile:

So do you think summoning all these spirits is okay ? cause i know some spirits may not like other ones and i don’t to cause trouble at my temple. And about the way i am proceeding with this. Do you think i am doing it right? One last thing, After the ritual should i keep the jar in my closet till he gets back or should i just bury it


@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva @C.Wilson @C.Kendall @Manosman

Since i trust your experience and have seen u response on love matter before please allow me to mention u here and ask if you could give me any insight.

Thanks in advanced.

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Well, if you are worried about them possibly not getting along, why not call each one at a time, ask them to infuse some power into your jar, and then dismiss them before moving on to the next? That way it is not like shoving two people who hate eachother into the same room.


well i am not sure if they do hate each other… but i can’t do ur suggestion cause i want to put the open sigils in the jar not just ask them to empower it.

Well, another alternative would be to open the sigils one at a time prior to the ritual and think about the other spirits while having one opened. If you cannot normally hear spirits, you will likely have gut reactions of thinking of spirit another does not like while in their presence. If you feel nothing, it is likely fine.

If your senses are developed, you can simply ask them

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thank you

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No problem at all. I have not had much experience with love magic ( only performed it twice with a 50% success rate) so I cannot really comment much else on this

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No uts not good idea well to me. First tey may be competitive case whit them… Second not spell. Special jars do in a time success. .ir include 5 trys. At least u knw energy and not experienced but the rgt spirts. And magick… U can try. But do another whit diferents spirts of love .such goddes.

Barbatos not really get along whit spme. Of goetia. According to a goetia guy. But yes u can try

i am not sure if i listed barbatos!!?

I think i am gonna summon: Lucifer and will ask him to stay
dantalion and Astaroth together
Stiri and Salos together
Gaap and Foras together

To do the spell… and the only one gonna stay with them all is Lucifer

i feel more better about doing it this way, its just i am concerned to prick my whole fingers for this ritual. and i don’t wanna prick the same one all time :slight_smile:

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Sitri - To make him Enflamed with passion for you
Sallos - To inspire love
Dantalion - increased chance of meeting him, changing of thoughts.
Astaroth - Attracting him with direct will
Gaap - to make him lust after you.
Foras - To compel him and to get fascinated by you once more.

And Lucifer to look over the workings! That’s an awesome combination also according to the Lesser key of Solomon, Lucifer has the authority over all the spirits of Goetia.!

I think this will work wonders! I wish you best of Luck! :sparkles:


thank you for stating the specialty of each spirit i chose and for ur kind response.

BTW congrats on ur ‘Regular’

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Ritual night

So … i just finished preparing for the ritual tonight (full moon’s night and a Friday night) what a blessing and a great opportunity for a great grand ritual (in my opinion since i never summoned more than 2 at the same time):

This is my circle and all the spirits sigils that i will be summoning and the main ritual candles anointed with all oils and will be placed in front of the jar. I will be using:

  • petition whole A4 paper written :slight_smile: got a bit of a list of requests haha.
  • Come to me, deadly attraction, follow me, road opener oils, and some cinnamon rosemary, honey and some liquor. still debating if i should get an specific wine that is on my mind and the target loves it or just vodka will satisfy honestly.
  • Frankincense on coal.
  • flowers to be in the jar and around it.

**Just so you know the directions in the photo the upper part directly is south and left is east and so on.

LMK what you think


This is inspiring! What do you do with the jar after that?

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Thanks, and i will keep it for 7 days below my bed and then bury it

Just got done with the ritual… i wasn’t able to do a full manifestation but i felt their presence either by the room temp. or my goose bumps or other sensation that lead to me know. whats really interesting that every spirit sensations were different then the other kinda… which gave me a more positive affirmation of their presence. I took me 2 hours to get it done.

Looking forward to see the great results.


Good luck! I hope you get what you wished for

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good luck!

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thank you dear <3