Ritual/Spell for a Specific Job


So… a dudes girlfriend would like a certain job that has been advertised and thinks she would fit the bill perfectly but wants a working done to magically ensure success. The dude would like to perform this working on her behalf. The resume has been sent and a follow up phone call has been made to the potential employer and now it is just a waiting game for an interview.

How would anyone go about this being the guy. His thoughts were to use a psionic amplifying pattern box and place a witness of the girlfriend and a picture of place of employment and perhaps the employment officers name on the foil circle and with hands on foil plates send a strong thoughtform to the place and hiring lady. Would anyone have any other suggestions? Possibly a good entity to evoke for this kind of situation or other working that has given good results in the past. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Evoke Paimon. If you know the employment officers name, Paimon will be able to influence him/her to give your friends girlfriend the job.


Thanks, Seeker. That sounds like a good option. He does know the employment officers name so that could very well be the best path to take on this. :slight_smile: