Ritual sensing thread

As soon as I saw the photo, I felt a weak feminine energy just sort of hovering. It’s not strong enough to do much. You have to build the body up. It’s currently shapeless.

I think you should work on the basics of creating and building thought-forms instead of trying to have a weak thought-form manifest your desires for you.

Nemain is a Celtic goddess. I didn’t create her and she sure isn’t weak.


I’m talking about the etheric vehicle you need to build for her, not the energy you’re invoking.

How would you suggest working on this?

I’ve been putting off making a thread on this for about six months now. You have to build a vehicle out of your own energy body for the spirit to operate through. I want to teach people how to do this, but I also really, really DON’T want to. A lot of people know about it but nobody wants to teach it openly because you’d be handing out SO much power. If I explain to you how to to create your own god, then you won’t join my cult and blindly worship MY god because you’ll know how I made it. Then I can’t exploit you for money, sex, and slavish obedience. What’s the point of working hard to get secret magic powers if you can’t use them to exploit people?!

Anyway, I’ll try to post a how-to on this here in the next couple days. After I’ve changed my mind fifteen more times.


I think I might be getting information already. Just visions.

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Might not be precisely what you do but it’s an idea… Take my energy, shape it into a body and have them enter it. Continuously feed it.

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Yup! You’re good! Check out the book Psychastra by Frank Rudolph Young. He only got away with publishing that book because he didn’t explain how to use the exercises for conventional occult practices like evocation.

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I tend to be. I’m just a little behind everyone else lol. Time to get a working.