Ritual Sacrifice

Ok so it’s been a while since I posted something because I was in between understanding thing’s and then the last week some crazy things happened. I have been working with Lucifer Bune and Lilith for some time now to help me achieve my goals. Upon a ritual I did a few weeks back with a follower we were successful in the Invocation and Evocation of Lucifer and Bune as some very strange events started to take place. I began to feel my third eye open and even more strange things been happening. All of them good thing’s. Now I’m coming into my andance in magic, sorcery, witchcraft, power, knowledge and time. I’ve had a few possesions happen to me with my followers getting information from me in several different languages. Each message with a task to be completed and the rewards to follow once complete. I can only speak one language and thats English. Been learning Tagalog for my wife but I’m still learning, however according to my followers I was speaking Latin, French, German, Scottish, and Norwegian dialects from other time frames and fluently to. I don’t remember any of that part. I do remember waking up to several voices saying a ritual sacrifice is needed. So I plan to use a Rooster on Monday night as last night I saw the cresent moon for about 10 minutes before it disappeared. That was at 3:33am exactly. Now other thing’s have happened like me hearing a flapping noise in my back tire. Took it to a friend Thats a mechanic and he took off tire to find a 100 dollar bill stuck in my breaks. It wasn’t even in tightly. I just reached and pulled it out. So my want in financial assistance is coming through and a voice said a Ritual Sacrifice was needed to achieve my goals. I’m not into the bible but for some odd reason I opened my old one up and immediately turned to the right page which for me is shear luck because I can never understand the freaking words or knowledge in there but somehow turned to the right page. There was a part in there about Abraham sacrificing 1 lamb each year to God in order to have a fruitful year and that through the sacrifice he was blessed. So I believe this is a sign that I will need to do a sacrifice of my own with my followers to obtain the next steps in mine and there common goals. Very strange occurrences have been happening lately including being picked up off my bed and floating 4 ft in the air only I was awake listening to music and a voice spoke saying my son I am here with you. It was at this moment I was touching the ceiling in my garage as that is where my bed is at. I’m homeless folks. I sleep in the garage at a friends house and I’m desperately trying to become more successful in my studies, my work and figure out if I’m going to be paralyzed with my Perthes disease coming back more nasty or if I should do the surgery that will put me in casts for the next 4-10 years minimum. This is something I have no choice with as I was born with it and now it’s getting worse. I miss my wife and immigration is straight up fucking me with time, money and no answer as to when I will get to have my wife here with me in America. Life is meaningless if you don’t have the one’s you love most close to you. My patience is wearing thin with it already being 3+ years and 7500 miles away and only plane is the way to go see her with my financial issues, my books still waiting to be published and my health deteriorating then I honestly don’t give a damn what I have to do to achieve my goals so since these signs i have been receiving a lot and almost 4 times a day I think it’s safe to say that its time to complete some tasks. Not sure though if I should use the rooster or if i should use a goat since goats are for Lucifer and lamb’s are for God or so I took it when reading various books of the grimore and even passages in the bible matching the descriptions in some of Solomon’s and Alister Crowley’s magic tomes and lesser king Solomon grimores. I went quiet for some time as I was not getting the answers from anyone on here the way I needed them and I wasn’t as serious then as I am now.

I think the real problem here isn’t sacrifice, it’s that you have a mental illness. You’re basically cursing yourself because you live in self-pity, don’t you? People can be happy living in poverty, you simply need to reassess your values, and align them with your current reality. Your life will never get better if all you do is count on very minuscule chances of success (referring to your books.) I would wish you the best, but from the sound of it, you’re the type of person I tend to dislike, quick to sacrifice others, not quick enough to sacrifice your own (false) ego. Ego is essential when it’s based on knowing oneself, and free of delusion, but when it’s not, it’s like a poison. Think of it as Japanese Fugu.

I come from South Africa, where Sangomas perform ritual sacrifice all the time, and they still live in absolute squalor and poverty. Then they turn to sacrificing albinos, and nothing happens for them either, in fact they either go to prison or get necklaced (set alight with a tire around their neck). Desperation does not mean sacrifice is required, you dug your own hole, now get yourself out like a man. I’m not morally opposed to sacrifice, I’m a moral relativist, but I’m vehemently opposed to projecting your failures onto others and expecting others to save you.