Ritual Sacrifice of EunB (Buné) & RiSe (Seir)

EDIT: EunB and RiSe might be anagrams for Buné and Seir.
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EDIT: A second Ladies’ Code member has died!!! RiSe has just died after days in a coma!!!

Ladies’ Code is a K-Pop band made of 5 young girls. A few days ago, they got in a terrible car accident. They’ve had to rent a Hyundai StarEx since their Kia Carnival was not functioning properly. It was raining, the road was slippery and the van’s back tire fell out after the driver (their manager) tried to avoid a collision.

The aftermath: EunB passed away on her way to the hospital; she was only 22. RiSe, still unconscious, is now in very critical condition after sustaining head injury. Sojung was also heavily injured. Ashley, Zuny as well the band’s manager and stylist sustained minor wounds.

Now, here’s the smoking gun… Just last month, Ladies’ Code released ‘Kiss Kiss’, a music video that shows all five girls around a DEAD man in a coffin (EunB is the one in the middle with the headband).

Ladies’ Code - Kiss Kiss
레이디스 코드 (LADIES’ CODE) - 키스 키스 (KISS KISS) MV

EunB (who tragically died in the crash), is the one above whom the arrow hits the apple shortly after she covered her eye with her hand.

The man in the coffin, who actually kisses EunB (the kiss of death), plays a central part in the music video, and now EunB is the coffin!

EunB in the coffin, a month later.


Go Eun-bi pka EunB (Hangul: 고은비 ; Hanja: 高恩妃; November 23, 1992 – September 3, 2014)

Too bad, that was a cool video they did. Interesting symbolism in that syncronicity though, maybe I’ll have something like that happen in my comicbook.

Ladie’s Code music video for ‘Hate You’, released last year, was also filled with symbolism (skulls, horns, one-eye symbolism, candles etc.) It’s very dark & gothic.


Conspiracy theorist Vigilant Citizen even wrote a detailed article about it. He says it’s all about mind control, slaves & handlers, MK Ultra programming etc.


Sojung (now in critical condition) & RiSe (still in a coma) - A skull on the plate

Sojung & Ashley - Dismembered dolls in the plate

Sojung & the Butterfly (Monarch programming)

RiSe dismembering a doll

RiSe and the All-Seeing Eye

EunB, the one that tragically died, attached with strings - A handler’s puppet

EunB, imprisoned, counting her days on the wall - Surrounded with dolls


Here’s the full analysis:

Patrick Bateman
8 hours ago (edited)

I read the lyrics. It’s all about kissing. It has nothing to do with death and yet the MV has lots of death imagery (the guy in the coffin, EunB almost being killed with an arrow at 0:58 and 1:05, killing the guy with poison 1:13 - 1:43, killing frogs 2:21).

This MV came out last month, it‘s their latest video. EunB died two days ago. Why would they choose a death theme for a song about kissing? Is it possible that the makers of this MV were somehow subconsciously aware of what awaited the group?

Two of the girls kiss him when he’s dead (1:44 and 2:12). (Technically, we don’t see the kisses, but it’s implied.) He kisses only one girl. At 1:48 he rises from the dead and kisses EunB. Afterwards she looks upset—like she’s doomed (1:53). He’s dead, he’s the symbol of death. Thus, she has received the kiss of death.

“Kiss of death” is an expression. It means: “destruction of something: something or somebody whose presence will bring failure or disaster to something.”

[< the Bible passage (Mark 14:44-46) in which Judas kissed Jesus Christ, thereby betraying him].

This is disaster to EunB and Ladies’ Code. (Since other members were injured, this might be the end of the group and for some, their K-pop careers.)

Think about it from the point of view of the subconsciousness: you need to communicate to this group that soon something horrible will happen to them and one of the members will die. This group will soon be making an MV for their song about kissing.

And this video will be lighthearted, goofy K-pop. How do you incorporate lightheartedness, kissing, and death? Fairytales are perfect. Because these stories are told to kids—this proves they’re lighthearted. Some of these stories involve death. And some involve kissing.

This video depicts at least two fairytales: the Frog Prince and Snow White. The Frog Prince story involves kissing but not death. In the Snow White story, “the Queen creates a poisoned apple that will put whoever eats it into the ‘Sleeping Death‘, a curse that can only be broken by ‘love’s first kiss‘. …

The dwarfs return to their cottage and find Snow White seemingly dead, being kept in a deathlike slumber by the potion. Unwilling to bury her out of sight in the ground, they instead place her in a glass coffin”.


The Snow White story is perfect. It combines kissing and death themes (the coffin, the ‘Sleeping Death’—a state similar to death). One way of interpreting the man in the coffin is that he is just like Snow White. (He’s not really dead, he’s just sleeping.) On the surface, it’s that fairytale. But beneath the surface it’s something else. (He’s dead.)

At 2:21 Sojung kills frogs with an umbrella. This doesn’t refer to any fairytale that I’m aware of. It has nothing to do with kissing or the song. It could refer to the Frog Prince, a human in a frog‘s body. Thus, all those frogs she’s killing are actually humans in disguise.

This is another instance of human death portrayed in a fun, goofy way. That they’re not really humans—they’re just frogs. Even their deaths are goofy—they explode into yellow paint. Whereas real death of frogs and humans involves blood, guts, pain, etc.

The two arrows that almost kill EunB (0:59 - 1:06) refer to William Tell. In 1307 William Tell and his son Walter were sentenced to death. This punishment would be rescinded if William could shoot an apple off of his son’s head in a single attempt. William accepted the offer and he was successful. “Tell split the apple with a bolt from his crossbow.”


This story, whether true or not, has nothing to do with kissing. It has to do with human death (sentenced to death, his son could easily have been killed by that arrow). And who portrays Tell’s son, who was almost killed? EunB. This is another weird coincidence. (When Sojung kills the frogs she is the killer, not the killed. And thus, it doesn’t imply that she will soon be killed.) Tell’s son was shot at only once. And he was lucky.

EunB was shot at at least 3 times. How many more times was she shot at after that? At 1:06 the target has 20 arrows in it. This seems to imply that she was shot at at least 23 times. She might’ve been shot at more after that. If William Tell’s son had received that many shots then he probably would’ve been killed. His luck would eventually have run out. Just as it did for EunB.

0:55-1:09. 23 total arrows were fired at EunB. One of the arrows she caught. The other 22 made impact (20 in the target, 2 in the apple). She was killed at age 21. However, in Korea, they consider her to be aged 22.


Let us, for argument’s sake, suggest that the 22 arrows making impact is not coincidence. But it’s deliberate. So why not have all 22 arrows in the target? Because you need to depict the William Tell story, a death story. Thus, one or more arrows have to be in the apple. Why not show all 22 arrows flying into the apple?

Because that would eat up a lot of time—it’s only a 3:50 video, and there are lots of other death themes to depict. Thus, one or more arrows have to be in the apple, most have to be in the target. This is exactly what we see. The 22 arrows that stuck represents her life. She will die at age 22.

At 1:17 we see a black branch protruding into the room. It has only one apple on it. There are many indications that this branch is dead (it‘s black, it has no leaves, no other apples. It might not even be connected to a tree. If it’s connected to a tree then shouldn’t there be a lot more branches near this branch, protruding out of the tree? Perhaps those other branches died and fell off?).

However, the apple is red suggesting it’s alive. It seems like a contradiction. Unless the branch has recently died. If that’s the case then the apple is still alive. However, without receiving any more nutrients from the branch, the apple will soon be dead. The apple is EunB. She’s alive in this video but will soon be dead.

Even the lyrics seem to presage her death:

“You came too soon, I’m not ready
You came right away but I have no experience”

“Came too soon”—she was only 21 years old when she died.

EunB sings the line: “Where are you taking me? Get me out of this dark place”

“Dark place”—death, burial.

At 2:57 RiSe decides to get the man out of the coffin. It appears that her intent is to kiss him, be kissed by him. At 2:59 EunB shakes her head and finger implying disapproval—like “don’t do it. You‘ll end up like me.” Her face looks a little sad. RiSe takes the dead man with her. She’s sneaking around, implying that the other girls would not approve of what she‘s doing.

She sees the other girls around the corner. They don’t see the dead man. RiSe quickly returns the man to his coffin. And she acts like nothing ever happened—as if he was in the coffin the entire time. The four girls are not upset and so it appears that they did not see RiSe trying to sneak off with him. (3:00 - 3:07).

Next RiSe tries to kiss Death while sitting in a chair. A conveyor belt moves her chair towards him. This time Death is not symbolized as a man in a coffin but a face in a wall. Death’s eyes are wide open at 3:37. He has come alive, he is ready to kiss her. But then the conveyor belt stops. Zuny has pulled the plug.

RiSe was never kissed by Death in the video. However, except for EunB (who was kissed by Death), she came the closest. Of the survivors of the car crash, RiSe has fared the worst. She came the closest to death. “On September 3, 2014, member EunB died in a car accident which also left Sojung and Rise with serious injuries; the latter of whom remain in critical condition.”


She had 9 hours of brain surgery.

Before she was injured she was sitting down on a chair inside a vehicle that moves with wheels (their rental van). Just as, in the video, she’s sitting down on a chair on a vehicle that’s moving with wheels (a conveyor belt is a type of vehicle—it’s very slow but it is a vehicle).

At 3:27 we see six moving wheels of the conveyor belt. At 3:28 we see 4 moving wheels. However, the fourth wheel, at the back, is only half shown. According to Polaris, “the back tire of the van [fell off]”.


Thus, the tire fell off but the rest of the wheel remained. Losing its tire, the wheel is reduced in size by half. This is similar to 3:28—the wheel at the back is reduced in size by half.

Why is Death here represented as a face in a wall? (3:18 - 3:38)

“Rainy conditions made the road slippery, which caused the group’s van to hydroplane and skid several times before crashing into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway.

It was reported that none of the van’s airbags deployed at the time of impact, and that Eun-bi was ejected from the van due to not wearing a seatbelt. By the time the paramedics arrived at the scene, Eun-bi was already in cardiac arrest while also suffering from an open skull fracture.”


Their van crashed into a wall. It was this impact which caused the injuries and death. Thus, this is why Death is represented as a face in a wall.

The driver was most likely pushing down on the brakes and not the accelerator. If that wall had not been there then it’s possible their van would not have crashed into anything.

Instead, their van would’ve coasted onto a grassy field. (This is pure speculation, I’m not familiar with the area.) If that wall had just been a little farther away—that distance could’ve been the difference between life and death for EunB.

If you wanted to symbolize their van crashing into a wall and RiSe faring the worst of the survivors then this is a good way to do it.

This video has too many similarities to their car crash for me to think it’s all coincidental. It’s not coincidence. It’s intentional.

Some have speculated that the Ladies’ Code van was sabotaged. Because, #1, it wasn’t their usual van. It was a rental, their first time using it. #2, a tire falling off is pretty unusual. (One would think that rental vehicles would be inspected before they are rented out.) And #3, the airbags didn’t deploy.

And thus, the reason this video has all these coincidences is because the saboteurs knew this accident would happen. I don’t think that’s the case.

There’s no way the saboteurs could know that only EunB would die and that RiSe would be the worst off of the survivors. Also, most killers aren’t this thought out. Most have no desire to communicate their future crimes through symbolism.

Instead, I believe this video is proof that some can foresee the future.

If you knew, subconsciously, that you or a friend would die soon, how would you make this known? Would you tell anyone? Would you write anything down? Probably not. Most people don’t write a lot. Most people rarely do anything creative.

And thus, they have no outlet for their subconsciousness to make itself known. But what if you were doing something creative like making a music video? Music videos are known for being strange. Thus, this is a perfect medium through which your subconsciousness can make itself known.

It’s possible that millions of people every year are having these subconscious thoughts relating to impending death. But most don’t have a creative outlet and so most never get the opportunity to communicate this prophecy to others. So that’s one limiting factor.

Another factor limiting proof of death prophecy is the fact that most people miss the signs. How many people have seen this video and know about the car accident? 10,000? 1 million? I don’t know. Regardless, most never saw all the coincidences.

Probably only 1% saw some coincidences. And they saw only one or two. One or two coincidences is not a big deal. It doesn’t make you think that it might be something else—intentional instead of coincidental. I happen to be that 1% of the 1% who saw many many coincidences. So many in fact that I believe it’s intentional.

Another limiting factor is that most creations have few observers. Let’s say you are very creative. You write a short story. This story contains lots of symbolism relating to the impending death of your uncle.

You don’t realize you’re putting in all this symbolism since it’s all the work of your subconsciousness. How many people will read your short story? Odds are, few people. Maybe just one—you. Because most writers—most creative people—are not successful. Most songs will be heard by few people, most YouTube skit videos are seen by few people.

If only 1% will see any coincidences and if only 10 people see your creation then, odds are, none of those people will see any coincidences at all. But what if you’re making a music video for Ladies’ Code? Then you can count on thousands of people seeing your video. Maybe even millions.

Another limiting factor is that most of these death prophecies relate to people who aren’t famous. For example, you’re making a music video for EXO. This video contains lots of symbolism relating to the impending death of your brother. Your brother isn’t famous. 10 million people see your music video. That’s a lot.

But how many of those people are familiar with your brother’s death? Very few. Maybe only a hundred people. And thus, with so few people knowing of your brother’s death, and also seeing the video, it’s unlikely that any of them will see any evidence that his death was foretold through the symbolism in it.

Thus, the death prophecies relating to EunB are very unique. It’s the death of a famous person, a famous car accident, and a famous video created only weeks before her death. It’s also an excellent medium for symbolism—a music video.

And—those who will suffer this future injury and death are in the video. (Instead of being portrayed by actors.) If some people can foretell death then this is basically the perfect combination of attributes to communicate this fact, to prove this fact.

If everyone was famous, had famous deaths, and had famous creations made only weeks before their deaths then we would probably have a lot more evidence proving that some can foresee death.

Some have said that I’m being disrespectful to EunB for pointing out all these similarities and saying that it‘s intentional and not coincidental. I don’t understand that at all.

EunB’s death, with this music video, is helping to provide additional proof that deaths can be foreseen. If death can be foreseen then this is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.

And if EunB helped play a part in that then I think this is a great way to honor her memory. It’s far more respectful than simply saying “R.I.P.” So, to me, I think I’m being very respectful to her. :heart: EunB :heart:

EunB (the sacrificed one) and the horns

‘Hate You’ analysis
Blatant Examples of Mind Control Culture in K-Pop - JAX and Ladies’ Code`

EDIT: A second Ladies’ Code member has died!!! RiSe has just died after days in a coma!!!


It was DEFINITELY a ritual sacrifice; a double one at that! RiSe is the one facing the black figure in the music video for ‘Kiss Kiss’:

Vigilant Citizen wrote an article about Ladies’ Code ‘Kiss Kiss’ (good read):

[i]Was the Death of K-POP Stars EunB and RiSe Foreshadowed in Their Last Video?

Two members of the popular K-POP band Ladies’ Code tragically lost their lives in a car crash on September 3rd. The imagery of their last video depicted them literally flirting with death. Were they the first Illuminati sacrifices in K-POP?[/i]


Also, a commentator wrote that RiSe and EunB might actually be anagrams from Seir and Buné… Mmm…

[i]Not sure why nobody has commented on what is the actual ladies code which is obvious within the First/last capital letters within names (occultists love anagrams, of course).
Bune is the demon of burial (appropriately wrt the video) the 26th of the 72 spirits of Solomon
Seir (also spelt Seere and Sear) is also a seal of solomon which appears in the Goethe who is the seventh spirit

Both are readily invocable by occultists and exorcists - Elise[/i]

What do you think? Yeah… I never stopped to think of it. Just what is the actual Ladies’ Code?

i do not know why i get this impressions, but after watching this post , i get this reflection in my mind. It seems, they were doing some sort of parody about magick and the Deads; and the deads found it very offending and decided to punish them the same way they were treating the deads in their video. And the members who were responsible for this parody had received most of the blow-back, ultimately they burned their hands.

Lesson learned “always treat the deads with honor and respect” never do anything offending to them. Specially, with magick always took care. It dose not matter whether in real life or in video, if some one is playing with a stick of real dynamite, then they should treat it and take care of it as real dynamite. Just because some one is playing with tools of magick in some movie set doesn’t keep them immune to its effects. I had seen such a story long ago in a TV serial about a flim crew whom decided to do a serial episod on necromancy. The crew foolishly did all the real stuff with real tools and ingredients from graveyard without any honor and respect toward the deads. They thought, “hye… ! this is just a movie !” at the end of the story the whole crew paid very dearly for their stupidity. Sadly, this time it is a real life story !

I see. But something’s telling me all of that symbolism is a lot more the director and record company’s doing rather than the girls themselves, young girls in their early twenties at that.

Also, who asked EunB to cover her eye? Why did that horned animal’s head flash on EunB’s face? Was it her idea? I know it might seem like irrelevant details but it’s where part of the answer lies. Also, the lips within the dartboard have eyes within them…

The biggest tragedy is that TWO of the girls died. Hopefully the three surviving members recover from it all and carry it on as a threesome. I’m saying this 'cause they’re very young and need to work, make a living for themselves, the decades to come. They could also change careers but why not keep doing what they’re good at? I just pray they’ll be safe from now on (and the K-Pop industry revises certain things).

RiSe (left) & EunB (right)

what ever happened is sad and unfortunate, but it is already done. If you really want to know the truth behind the scene, than i suggest you to do a divination on this matter. Apart from general Tarot and geomancy you should also try to consult with a good divinatory spirit or deity in a channeling or scrying secession . A lots of truths would be revealed to you.

Here is the official video tribute by Polaris Entertainment: