Ritual Room

Okay I searched through the forum trying to find a topic not wanting to be redundant. In making my ritual room, is it wrong to use my bedroom? What if it’s the only place I have for now? Based on trying to keep my work silent and away from others view.

However, if I use my room my nieces will be in it as they come over. Can I set it up each time? Some of the things stated in the evocation make it sound like no one can enter the room, but yourself. Well, obviously I don’t want anything bad to happen to kids. I can put the altar away and clean up each time —but the consecrated ground from the salt water ritual and words are still there in the room, if I do this, right?

Thanks for any tips…

(In my views) I would say yes you can set-up your altar in your room and yes you can pack it away when ever you need to do so and then set it up again. This will however requere a little more work and energy building and don’t forgette cleansing each time you would set up or pack up. If you can not build an altar on one place why not build it on one spot make a circle (big enough) for you and your altar to fit comfertably into like E.A’s universal circle now the key would be to use the old witches ways of opening and the closing of the circle and always have your altar pionting south. When done cleanse your room wrap you circle, atheme and what ever in white cloth. A technique I picked up back in my wizardry days was also before using the altar again I would still in white cloth put al the items I use in my altar in my garden on a full moon with a circle of salt around them and leave it over night to build the items energy back-up again for the next use… Use it don’t use it

Yes. EA talks about using his living room for the evocation of a demon in one of his books (I forget which one). All he did was set up some energetic wards to “seal” it off. I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same thing with your bedroom. You would probably have to cleanse your room after each ritual though, so nothing sticks to you or anyone else that enters, especially if you are dealing with the demonic.

Okay, I haven’t read how to cleanse an area yet after using it, anyone have an idea what book or where to find that information? I have no idea how to clean up the area ritually speaking in this fashion… Just about everything in this system “ritually speaking” is very different from anything I have done thus far.

I’m finally at the point in my studies where E.A. is having me perform my first ritual, I went to the local occult shop and they had an Athame which had his exact specifications for cheap, it even had a case, nice. I have two of the three candles, I still need to find violet, so I’ll go in search of that today and then all that’s left is my room or ----area…

I have a closet, it’s a walk in closet, I ordered EAs Circle, it should arrive today, so your suggestion of that mat sounds perfect, what if I place the mat in my closet, as it would fit without doubt??

I could use that as my ritual room over my bedroom.?. However, I still run into the problem that I can not empty my closet… I’m in a situation right now where I don’t have that kind of freedom, and I have to keep hidden what I’m doing. There is no way for me to perform this outside either, or that would be a great idea… In a few months I should have the freedom to do what I want, but until then, I have to be careful and I do not want to wait in the meantime and waist months of precious time…

Thanks again for your suggestions, they are very helpful. :slight_smile:

Can you set up the altar in a corner where they’re not going to go? There are ways to dismantle the whole set-up each time, but you could maybe put a drying frame (for laundry) there or something, so they stay out of that part of the room.

We have a combined bedroom/living room/Temple through choice now, and have set up the Altar part so the dog can’t get over there, he stays on the carpet so we set it up so the floor’s bare there, and he just stays away without needing to be told.

That depends. If you have altars dedicated to spirits, usually not. But if you just have a table as a workspace, then yes.

Okay, these are good tips… I’m thinking of using some old material that I had and using a staple gun to hang it from the ceiling, creating a small ritual room. This could be hidden near the laundry, —or under the stairs - wow, just thought of that, the laundry sparked a great idea. And, it can be covered easy, a permanent altar could be placed there, and no one would be the wiser, and it the larger area faces South… Okay, so my original idea is gone, and I’m going to go with that. Thank you for your input, I’m excited to try and set this up now… :slight_smile: