Ritual robes?

I was trying to figure out what category this belongs in. I think its most appropriate to post it here. Does anyone have any reccomendations on where to get custom made ritual robes? I’m in need of a new robe. I bought mine years ago and I don’t remember where I got it, I believe I got it off etsy. Anyways, my journey in witchcraft has been taking me down a new path these past few months, and I need my robe to reflect this new path (basically a robe of a different color). If anyone can recommend where to get a new ritual robe it would be much appreciated! :heart:

Interested in this information, myself. Since the economic crash of 2008, all my sources for such things closed up shop.

Might be less than useful here, but depending on your particular community and the price range of robes you’re looking at, it might actually be more cost effective to take a community class on sewing, buy a brand new machine, and start making your own.

Second place to that, start making contacts in your local communities of reenactors and cosplayers. If nobody has a business already, then you should at least be able to find someone who would love to use their existing sewing skills to make some extra cash.

Both these have the advantage of being directly connected to the source of your robes, though rather more leg-work is required than an online transaction.

I only need one robe @MalikLucius learning to sew or tracking down a cosplayer is so much work for one robe. Lol. There are many good sites with custom made robes, I’m actually looking at a few. I was just curious if members of the forum had any recommendations, you know being a community of occultists and witches I’m sure a large portion of the people here have their own ritual robes.

Fair enough. :wink:
I personally don’t use robes as ritual garb at all.
I’m all about loose-fitting pants and nothing else, except a wool cloak if it’s cold.

If you have success in locating a quality source, perhaps you could PM me the Name?

I found my new robe. I have someone from etsy making it for me. Honestly the best place to get a ritual robe is etsy. My old robe that I’ve been using in my witchcraft the past 5 years I bought from etsy. And my new robe is also coming from a shop on etsy. Just go to etsy.com and put “ritual robe” in the search box. There is plenty of shops to choose from.

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I guess I am a dinosaur, lol…Etsy is so new and unfamiliar to me…I am alwasy forgetting about it.