Ritual ouija

I made this on windows paint I want some suggestions of a few sigils I could add to it to empower it the idea is to use it with entities and not spirits (earth bound) hence the enoch. Want to use it for rituals only

I just have to say this is a pretty badass idea.

Maybe utilize “The Watchers” since you’re using Enochian script?

I’d use it with the Heptarchian spirits before the watchers but that’s just me.

I have finished it now and looks good but to big to post here added sigils to it as well and if I get the time this weekend ill test it out and see how it goes

If you’re looking for sigils to add, there’s always room for Ellis the linking sigil. It’s supposed to link back to every other iteration of it’s self, so anyone else who’s ever used it or placed one on a sacred site, you’re connected to all of that.