Ritual or spell to attract a decent friend into my life while simultaneously punishing someone else

Hi All. Not sure if this should be in general or baneful magic instead but the all powerful mods can move if necessary.

So the backstory to this is I met someone that was an acquaintance who I thought may eventually become a friend. Today we met in my local park and decided that we should go back to mine for some beers.

The first thing he says when he enters my house is that it is a mess. He next says I’m disgusting. To be fair my house was a bit of mess because I’ve been working long hours and not have had the opportunity to tidy up. He continues on this tirade and calls me filth ridden and vile. This goes on for five minutes but for what feels like an eternity. All the while I’m stood in complete shock. I also find out this person has been in prison for 3 months for breaking someone’s jaw.

I tell him he needs to leave and immediately block him. But his words have still hurt and I’m still in shock over the situation as a whole.

While typing this has been somewhat cathartic. Is there a spell to attract a decent person in my life while simultaneously punishing this person for the shock they put me through. Edit: Notwithstanding that we are in a pandemic so meeting people is hard.

I would appreciate if people didn’t say I was over-reacting. I understand that the situation shouldn’t have probably shocked/scared/hurt me emotionally as much as it has.

There is no single spell or ritual to attract someone while simultaneously punishing another. Those are two very different things, and would require two different rituals/spells.

Thanks. I didn’t think there was, but no harm in asking right? Is there a list of separate spells you can give to accomplish each task

Sorry, I don’t have a list of spells, but I’m sure you can find something on the forum for each goal.

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I’m wondering if we should get the powerful @Lady_Eva to split this into two distinct topics owing to the circumstances

Lady_Eva i am happy to keep this as one topic as the same backstory led me to ask this question about the simultaneous nature of such a spell but when and if you get the opportunity it would be useful if it would be tidier for the forum to keep this as one topic or split into two. edit: or perhaps even lock this topic as I’m going to use the all powerful Magnifying glass to help me accomplish each goal. Still it might be useful to get others thoughts on this

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