Ritual on How to Seal Your Heart Away aka Emotions

Hades told me to post it here so :blush:

How to seal your heart away aka emotions
by Hades

  1. Feel the emotions which pains you the most (sadness, broken heart, loss, are the best for this).

  2. With you left hand, put it over your heart. Cover it. Heal your pain with the energy you put into the left hand. Feel the energy veiling your heart. It should look/feel blue

  3. With your right hand, make a fist. A real good one, not flappy fist. Let it sit on your lap. Take and built all your emotions and feelings into the fist. All the pain and sorrow you feel. Feel it “balling” and boiling on your fist. Hold all the emotions there. It should look/feel black

  4. Put energy on your heart, like a veil. You are sealing your heart away. Feel it closing as your remaining emotions on the heart dies

  5. Take a matchstick or candle, or any fire with your left hand. Now bring the light into your fist. It will be painful and burning. Feel the pain for 3 seconds, 3 times while saying:

"Hades, God of The Underworld, King of The Dead, Alpha and Omega, O Sovran King, take my sealed heart with you and help this mortal soul free from all emotions and feelings, give us the end of our heart suffering"

  1. Hades will now take your heart and guard it in The Underworld. You can ask for your heart back anytime, in exchange he demands incense (any), your blood, a pomegranate.

NOTE: It would be better to do this ritual when you have a good relationship with him. He also wants you to think twice before doing this. He doesn’t like his time being wasted around.

Good luck, now you all can be heartless edgelords



@Tattersail No way, I’m undoing this :slight_smile:

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I am a creature of intense emotion. I love my feels. Hugs for the heartless bstards*. Lol


U can try :thinking:


if i never talked with Hades , how bout that ?
its okay to perform ?

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Hmm… im wondering: how can i make someone fall out of love with me; except for being a duche ofc.

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I was wondering what are the effects of this ritual? I would like to seal away my emotions too, but does it make you feel like “numb/empty”?

No it feels normal, but you start to realise you don’t react to things with the same emotions that others do, and this can start to feel like you’re a bit dysfunctional. You may feel coldly disinterested in what you see as petty drama, or repulsed by it, as it is jarring not resonating.

It becomes easier to avoid people that are very emotional, but then, doing that doesn’t need you to damage yourself. Although, this ritual doesn’t rid you of the desire for company and affection, so you end up in a push/pull of looking for something that no longer exists for you.

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