Ritual of tiamat

i found a ritual of tiamat not completely sure of what it is and leviathan gave me sort of an insight on it but go into detail much more than the book did. has anybody done this ritual?

I havent performed it but i have heard of one. I also found one in the grimoire of tiamat. And thats a really good book foe magick and information. Maskim Hul is also decent from what I hear

Maskim Hull is a Wonderful Grimoire of Babylonian Magick, I’ve tested many of the Ritual and Working in it and i had a Lot of Succes, The Important things as always is to adapt the System so it work for you.

Hey Mephistor have you checked out Sebitti yet or the Dragon of Two Flames both by Ford im looking for an opinion before i buy one or the other.

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I will do it this weekend. Evocation of Tiamat from Grimoire of Tiamat. Even if I am not ready I will do it. :muscle:


Definitely keep me updated on your progress.

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If I may make a suggestion… don’t get into Asenath Mason’s system unless you plan to stay there a while. It’s not designed for dabblers. It’s designed for serious pathworking. Those powers are intense. If you wish to meet Tiamat, get her sigil from the book, light a candle and some incense, stare at the sigil till it flashes, and call her name. She will come. I feel obligated to say that Tiamat is likely to call you to her long before you call to her. If you’re feeling that tugging inside, it’s time to jump in the water and swim with the dragon.


I intend to stay in for life. This is not a game for me.


Well then my friend, welcome to magick! I’m with you