Ritual of offering to my familiar with pictures

Ok so today lucifuge have me a demonic child that it would be my famnilar his name is o’sa’mna’vel
He has a great amount of knowladge of magick and demons
But o’sa’mna’vel wanted to been fed so I got to house and made a circle of incense sticks, cinnamon, vanilla, lavander and jasmine and placed 3 jasmine sticks into a trigule shape and placed a fire pot inside
I called lucifer and the 9 demonic Kings to fed him and enpower him through long incantations
Later I lit the fire that was massive then o’sa’mna’vel said that he was very happy for that and he gave an incantation as a gift he harnesses the energy of the fire incense sticks and the house he said that tommorow I should go there to cleanse it the rest

Here the pictures

He said that I need to drink more water and rest,


Sounds intense. Cool though.

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it was brother

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