Ritual of Fire

Alright this here is technically an elemental ritual but given the recent cold the midwest will be experiencing and possible interest in this I thought it might be a good time to post this and put it where the most people might see it and be able to use it.

This ritual calls on the fire element in the extreme and can be used as a sign of initiation and mastery into the element or to direct it to alter the weather and environment to be warmer or if you need a huge charge of the fire element and its properties which are listed thoroughly in many other places so I will not bother outlining them.

This post is a lot more condensed than what I normally put in terms of details and steps so if there are any questions go ahead and ask.

The ritual goes thusly:

  1. Cast a circle
  2. Perform LBRP
  3. Turn to the south and using the symbol of fire evoke that element into the circle in full magnitude.
  4. Repeat step 3 until a massive charge is reached.
  5. Once massive charge is reached invoke the symbol of fire into yourself and blast the energy into the sky like a nuclear pillar of flame while focusing on the symbol expanding across the entire area to influence with your intent pushed into it. The best method is to reaffirm the image and intent on the inhale and when exhaling send a renewed blast of fire into the sky along with intent and picture the symbol expanding out a bit further. This goes good with a mantra for the element.
  6. Hold step 5 as long as you can or until you feel it is done, calling forth more fire from the symbol if necessary, and then perform proper closing and banishing usually LRBP again and reaffirmation of the rituals power and your mastery over the element.


Six easy steps but is reliant on the force of your will, full faith in the power of the element and your mastery, as well as your own technical skill to channel and withstand the energy. If you feel too hot or overloaded slowly bring the pillar of fire down to either a manageable level or turn it off completely. Some preliminary work or experience with the element is recommended in order to know how to properly call and handle it. The symbol of fire you choose can be one of the traditional symbols for the element or a personal one if you happen to possess one that is more effective for you.

I recommend getting a cold drink immediately after the ritual and sitting down as this is meant to use all the power in the element you can muster. Perform a minimum of three consecutive days or more if you feel or know more is needed for what you are directing the element to accomplish.


So given that fire has a shit ton of properties, just focus on a specific quality (Charisma for example) and send that with the blast of fire in the sky right?

Just checking before I burn down my whole neighborhood with Fire Element :joy:

Of curse that’s after all the steps are done


Yep and you are the center and channel for that pillar of fire so it is all going through you. I also recommend not wearing a hat while doing this.


Just did it…
Yep, it works :ok_hand:

The release of it reminds me of Goku going SSJ3 Or some shit

It feels like you powered up even during the release


Ummmm…its too cold to go outside to do this. lolz

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Luckily, Im quite toasty in my nest of blankets.

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It can be done inside. Just imagine a portal in the ceiling going to outside.

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Funny. The latest ultra instinct Shaggy memes keep appearing for me and one of my old nicknames used to be Shaggy so kinda similar I guess.

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Which Mantra do you use to raise the power of the Element? An enn “ganic tasa fubin Flereous”. Or call Sathan? Maybe the thelemic entity Hadith?


You can use whatever mantra or word corresponding to the element you want since there are so many. I use Ignam which is a slight modification of the latin word Ignem for Fire but you can substitute the mantra you use so long as it corresponds to the element and or the goal you are turning the fire too. I say the best option is whatever word or mantra undeniably corresponds to the fire element for you even if that is just chanting the word fire.

I did this with water to balance some things out and it rained. What kind of sorcery is this? Why did it rain?

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You put out a lot of the water element this tends to echo out and create a reaction in the external world as well which can result in rain. I notice for myself even basic elemental practices can change the weather slightly. I meditate on say air and the next day will be very windy, water can make it cold or rain even if I don’t intend too.

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