Ritual music

Hello everyone!

I’m working from Gordon’s book, and most of the time when I do any kind of work I put on some random music ofc like some meditation vibes. But since this I s sort of an evocation I’m unsure whether silence is better for it?

It doesn’t matter whether you use meditation music or no music at all. It’ll work either way. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and any idea on the general no T-shirt no socks rule when you work with Gordon’s book?

Also if you’ve already done some work from the book, don’t you feel the ritual one is little “weird” ?like you go through all the steps, trying to bring all your imagination where it needs to be, but besides when you imagine offerings and the result the whole process is chill and silent nothing like when I cast a spell and there are 20 candles, loudly reading words, body movement all these stuff.

I’m fine with the book just asking whether you had the same kind of a chill and inner silence type when you work from it, or it’s just me because the other works I do are more “loud” and “extreme” ? :slight_smile:

That is not any sort of rule. You can pretty much wear whatever you want, and I don’t remember Winterfield saying anything about ritual attire in the book.

In his book Works of Darkness, EA Koetting recommends being bare chested (for men, of course) and barefoot as a way to show vulnerability to the demons, but I haven’t seen it recommended anywhere else.

That’s why it’s hard to set up for me, because he doesn’t mention anything. So I’m doing the rituals with a single candle and dressed as I’m comfortable

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That sounds perfect to me :+1:

The instructions in the book are the basic steps. You can add to those steps if you want to, though the GOM always warns against trying to make things overly complicated or ornate.

For example, I added a LBRP and reading the Enochian Calls to the magick of Damon Brand’s Success Magick, even though they are not necessary. They just helped me feel more magical when doing the simple rituals in the book.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t add music if it helps you get into the proper mindset.

I use ritual music to cut out the sounds of my neighbors and family. I’ve done it without, but I can trigger on noises, so it isn’t worth taking the risk for me. I typically use Paleowolf’s Origins on repeat before the ritual to start getting myself ready and during.


Good to hear, but this means that you do the ritual in literal silence? Hard to imagine, I think I’ve never ever done that before, there been always some music.

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I prefer quiet, yes. I have developed some type of hyper awareness that causes me to fixate on noise, and it will pull me out of trance usually.