Ritual music for theta gamma sync

In Questing After Visions EA talks about using a rhythm of 4.5 beats per seconds. Does anyone know of any tracks like he’s talking about I can download that are designed for meditation?

You can find a bunch of stuff online, even on youtube…Just search 4.5 HZ Theta

Thanks, found some on youtube and just tried it in meditation. Seems to work good, I’ll also have to try it when falling asleep in bed.

I enjoy using the different sounds, and binaural beats…I have a paid app on my android cellular phone that is called I-Doser…They have some neat sounds also if you want to google that…If you use binaural beats, even on youtube, you will need to use a set of headphones. Not sure if you were/are aware of that…

These should have some good sounds for ya


This may have been understood already, but there is a difference from “binaural” and just tone (or “isotonic”)…

the second is a quick beat (thus I believe that is what EA is referring to in QaV, as he mentions it is fast…), while the first is a steady tone in each ear (or slowly waving tone in each ear) but the result being the difference between the two ears- but each ear is not hearing a “fast” beat, but a steady drone (thus the auditory driving “freq” is quite different).

Most of those found on YouTube (and elsewhere) are binaural. If you hear an isotonic (pure tone)- it is like a soft jackhammer, or as one commenter wrote like hearing one’s ears plugged and unplugged really fast. -the two are quite distinct in comparison.

Both have a strong affect, but to distinguish.

’ BrainWave Entrainment- auditory driving’ is tricky are there are a number of ways that “Theta” is meant, as it is not only a Hz (hertz) range (any within the range, varying in that range over time, and most recordings have other “subsidiary sounds” added)… but more so, different ways the term is used.

< <also for binaural tones, the "freq" listed is the different between the tone in Left ear vs in Right ear, ie one side 7.7Hz higher than on the other side.   The "carrier rate" being the base, thus if 100 vs 107.7, and 130 vs 137.7, and 270 vs 277.7 etc   the difference being the same, but how high/low the two are makes a big difference: espec as aud-driving often used in a seq-setup.  First "softenup" w/A then do B.. then...  and over time ramp up.  for ex a system of moving from a midrange "tone" carrier, than over months-years lowering the carrier-tone to the lowest limits of hearing, even though the same "difference" remains the same> > 
   -one last distinction is if the "Theta"  freq just starts... or if it starts say at a Beta (or Alpha) freq and then gradually descends.  The idea being easier to match and contact where listener begins, then "follow it"  (pace&lead)

Ie in specific parts of the brain (early expers “upon” mice were in hypocampus region spefically… a part of cortex- like frontal, vs another part of cortex… vs general Cerebral Cortex (as most sound or light driving~ recordings, or doing EAs “Shifting” steps)… vs in the midbrain, like the auditory cluster, etc (way to much detail? I was familiar with this subject for a while, as I tried different aspects- and found many different were all called the same, and knew some PhDs that expounded on the confusion :slight_smile:

And then there is freq amplitude, vs freq variance, vs freq ave over time: as the "whole brain" is not going to be in a certain freq.. but many all at once (just more or less in different freqs- ea neuron actually resonates at a waveform that has components at many freq-lvls)...  and thus how to determine which "rate" to give it.
       -this last paragraph is in regards to if one used an EEG or such to actually read, vs tones to listen to  (As EA says in QaV, and in recent video-interview, you don't need to be hooked up to a brainfreqreader, just sense the change in your state...   

        the trick is what a recording of "4.5HZ" actually means, and what it is supposed to result.  

(likely this is more data than might be wanted, but figured I’d post this all in the forum someplace, so its out there- in case any find this info… also end of all nighter). [dang the training I had which wont let me post info without making the info a complete unit- although it isnt polished, get what ya pay for and all that.]

so in short- to the first poster I'd compare contrast to two types of recordings (as in the above comment- the second link has a YouTube video of rapid drumming, which seems closer to what EA is referencing in QaV and sounds and feels different to me than the binaural hum.   -actually I prefer the affect of the binaural style...    

Lastly, I don’t think listening as one is doing Mental Focus/Workings is the best way to use them to develop.
Rather listen to on a regular basis, like doing relaxation drill by itself- then when you do Mental Focus/Working drills (ie trying to get into state, etc.) trigger what you developed when you listened to the tones… thus a 2 part exer.

my 2sense
          • more detail on that last comment

          (in lab use: eyes closed, seated non-moving, not intending mental focus… and allowing mental state and feeling to shift… as “concentrate” let alone move where eyes point and change what the are focused on… creates all kind of action in the CNS and brain- “beta level” (cat as mentioned above)… and in each moment of a process 1,2,3 different parts of brain are all shifting higher/lower/higher… even just move your eyes to the left and see XYZ and focus on it and “name it”/identify it to yourself and think-take a breath in… those can all be done in one-act, and yet each second of those has abrupt shifts and thus freq shift and dis-integrate. ok long and short of affected being a passive-receiver, vs doing while-- there is still an affect… and if the Driver is real strong (espec loud and subwoofer “feel it” drum steady ‘tattoo’) it will affect you even if just in the background… although you can shift it off, vs if you “listened fully” and let it take you… thus ATR voudon style (or the Brazilian trio… that I recall from Capoeira:) cheers