Ritual instructions needed

Hey, I need ritual instructions for the Rite of Deification and the Sword Of Azazel pact. Please don’t half ass anything.


The Sword of Azazel pact is done by EA and JS Garret personally. No one here would have “instructions” for it.

There are quite a few Rites of Deification. Which one are you seeking? There is one in the Anthology of Sorcery 3.


Well you could try not half assing it but either 1. Get the book, or 2. doing the work by calling the spirit yourself.

Nothing in world comes for free, and if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Im being harsh because i want you to succeed and the only way to succeed is doing for yourself and gaining true power and .reliance


Well yes. I figured the basics of how it’s performed would give me an outline on how to go about the rite myself.

I understand Florry. I’m trying to do everything on my own but I am not that great with getting my points across to spirits. Like i said to DarkestKnight, im hoping that if someone could give me an outline on how the Sword Of Azazel rite would be performed, I could manage to fill in the gaps because I know the exact questions to ask Azazel. For me it seems he can take things too literal sometimes.

Also I cannot spend that kind of money for a single ritual you know?

From what I understand, you would not be able to do the Sword of Azazel ritual yourself. It is a special ritual given to EA directly, using new and original formulas and incantations (according to the newsletter about it). There is no outline for it because of this, but, according to the web page, if you purchase the ritual, you will also receive the formulas for it as part of the package.

The ritual is part of EA’s personal work with Azazel, so I doubt Azazel will give it to you, even if you ask. Spirits tend not to share that sort of thing as their work with each mage is individual.

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As @DarkestKnight say EA has the ritual and noone knows it, even those paying for it that gets the video of it will get basiclyvthe outline and If they pay for it Why would they share the outlines? I know i wouldnt do it If i payed that money, not that i cant share things.
As stated this ritual is a work between Azazel and EA so best bet would be to work with Azazel yourself and ask for his guidance, he may not give you the ritual but perhaps something better suited for you that will work better.

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