Ritual Illuminati Blood Sacrifice

There are countless tales of artists who may have blood sacrificed so or so individual(s) for success in the music industry… Feel free to watch these videos with an open mind and tell me what you think… I can’t tell for sure… Accidents might happen to famous, you know? But maybe, just maybe, some of it is true…

EDIT: They all worked hard for their success! They all developed and nurtured their skills & talent. I know that! I am simply referring to the spiritual element behind their success! Now, THAT’s the difference!

Blood Sacrifices Exposed

Blood Sacrifice for Fame Pt 1 of 2

Whitney Points to Clive Davis as the Man Who Had Motive to Kill Her on ABC 2002 INTERVIEW

Apparently, Lady Gaga sacrificed Lina Morgana, a friend that was also a recording artist. Morgana is said to have committed suicide by jumping off a balcony or something, which is odd 'cause a medical examination shows she might have been dancing or exercising moments before her death.

Lina Morgana: Lady gaga Blood Ritual Sacrifice

Gaga is rumoured to have shaped her music video for ‘Paparazzi’ after Morgana’s death. The short film shows Gaga and other people being thrown off balconies, hung and looking lifeless.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

Uh huh. Like a blood sacrifice would get you fame without you having any talent or having to work for it. LOL. Just gotta shake my head at crap like this. Silly humans.

I never implied they did not work for it. They’re all talented. Talent is a skill one develops. Been writing songs for literally 20 years! As a matter of fact, there are TONS of talented musicians in the world, some of which work quite hard, but a small percentage become superstars. That’s the reality.

Anton LaVey said that magick works along with nature, not against it. He then gave the example of a tone-deaf vocalist aspiring to be a successful singer. Makes sense. But it’s not what I’m debating here.

Thanks for the blatant straw man.

Have you watched the first videos I posted on blood sacrifice with an open mind? So, you think it’s all bullshit and made up stuff? It’s work and talent alone that brought them there… You don’t think any darker spiritual element might be at work?

The first video shows you how some of these alleged ritual sacrifices occurred after those guys worked hard to get their record deals, which implies it’s not just hard work that keeps them in the “$20 million +” game. Also, certain music videos or even movies mirror future events… Proof got shot in a video by Eminem; that piece of fiction came to pass when Proof actually got shot and died…

Now this:

Just days after Nicki Minaj’s cousin was killed, a Nicki track called “We Miss You” leaked online with lyrics that address the murder of someone close to her. As the rapper noted online shortly after the song hit the Web, however, “We Miss You” was recorded nearly 12 months earlier.

“Tho the lyrics of ‘We Miss You’ eerily depict the circumstances surrounding my cousin’s death, I wrote & recorded that song on 5/24/2010,” she tweeted. “It was sent to Mariah Carey & Keyshia Cole over a year ago for a possible feature. It didn’t make Pink Friday due to clearance issues. It’s an unauthorized leak.”

Minaj then thanked her fans for their support in the wake of the tragic news: “Thank u ALL for your kind words and well wishes. Love.”

After announcing the news of her cousin’s death on Twitter, the rapper had stayed off the micro-blogging site until Thursday’s (July 7) leak. Minaj did receive a tweet of encouragement and love from Femme Fatale tourmate Britney Spears: “Please keep @NickiMinaj & her family in your prayers. … keep up the amazing love and support you guys have for her.”

“We Miss You” samples Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” (which could explain the clearance issues) and is a somber ode to a fallen friend. As the beat kicks in, Nicki spits, “Why’d you have to leave in July?/ On a peaceful and serene summer night,” eerily mirroring the events of her cousin’s death.

Although the lyrics make reference to the fact that Nicki is rapping about a lover, it seems that the references to murder are very similar to how her cousin died last weekend when he was gunned down in Brooklyn. She later says on the song, “You said that you would leave these streets, and I know you didn’t mean in a body bag/ But now we see you were not bulletproof, and I’m mad ’cause you were the best that I ever had.”

There are indeed strange “coincidences” surrounding this story:

The song “We Miss You”, which was recorded last year, leaked only a few days after Nicki’s cousin’s murder
The song begins with the words “Why’d you have to leave in July?/ On a peaceful and serene summer night”
The first verse ends with “And maybe this is just part of the agenda”
The murder -  and everything surrounding it – was heavily publicized while it did not need to be.

Could all of this be indicative of a ritual sacrifice? Difficult to say. Some industry insiders have claimed that these sacrifices are required to be “initiated into the industry”. I cannot give a definite answer for this particular case but, as some would say: there is no such thing as coincidences.

Read more at http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/nicki-minajs-we-miss-you-eerily-mirrors-cousins-death/#ofyHHRdclogsi9gl.99

Sure, magick could be involved, but why does it have to be “blood sacrifice?” Show me the evidence of it. The whole conspiracy thing reminds me of the show on the History channel where they point to various unexplained events in ancient history as well myth and legend, and shout, “Aliens did it!” as an explanation. Like I said, silly humans.

Tupac made a video of himself being killed correct? Proof from D12 was depicted being shot in a video also. I think this is more life imitating art, especially when the artist are trying to portray the lifestyle they rap/sing about.

As far as the Manaj track I say coincidence, it was a song about losing a lover, not a family member. People look hard enough to find ways to connect the dots but the picture doesn’t always come out as clear as they’d hope. Lets not forget the Lil Wayne Murmur bullshit which was a work of fiction that turned urban legend, Manaj was mentioned in that so people are looking for any occult connection they can.

Does ritual sacrifice happen, sure. Do these asshats participate not likely.

The established order for which they work do. These celebrities are mere empty shells possessed by spirits, which is why when they are used up and thrown out they resemble mental retards who are two-steps away from needing to be spoon-fed and have their diapers changed. And the prime motive behind the pop music “industry” is, I’m sorry to say, not corporate profit.

they’re sacrifices for the harvest

South Park Sacrifice Song

I do think the media is there only to keep people dull and stupid, adoring silly “celebrities” giving them energy (money) in exchange of momentary fill of their spiritual holes.

but still… the harvest

These people are imbalance, without the force of omnipotent in them, there easy fool by there own ignorance.

Contrary to popular belief, the elite circles are not open to any random fuck who gains ephemeral publicity in the media/influence upon mundane mentality. Sorry to disappoint you biddy.

“G is Grace, the Flaming Star is the Torch of Reason. Those who possess this knowledge are indeed Illuminati.”
-Adam Weishapt

can you please elaborate?

ohhh Serell that quote is certainly illuminating, thanks

I hope the people is listening
I could never sell my soul, I gave it back to God at my christening
Its tickelin’ when I hear what haters be whisperin’
What makes you think an Illuminati would ever let some niggas in?"
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