Ritual help!


Please help me understand what I’m doing wrong. I drew King Paimon’ sigil on a piece of paper. I am listening to his enn from a YouTube video. I have yet to feel his presence or get any help from him. Any tips or advice to get his attention quickly? Thanks

Edit: I’ve been doing this for a while. Asking for reasonable help. At this point, life for me is very hard. I’m going to start asking for something to peacefully take my life.

Are you getting into trance and actually opening the seal? Simply drawing it and listening to the enn on YouTube does absolutely nothing if you are not in a receptive state.

Channeling alot of energy into the sigil also helps to, and are you giving King Paimon energy to take a form? Also dont forget to always refer to him as King Paimon, leaving the King part out is disrespectful and he wont feel like helping much if he’s disrespected.

I am looking at it until it starts to flash. I am usually looking at it for the duration of the enn video, about 15 minutes.