Ritual for my friend

Well how to start this?
I have a friend (femele one) and her brother have a relationship with a toxic women. He is so blind on this. Like and man in love. He is young 20 something. And my friend know about my interesat in demons and ocultism and she ask me if I can help get. I say yes, even IM not so strong. Why? Because with alot of time ago we have a relation and we was happy together and I want get back. But she is far a way from me now. I think on Stiri to ask him to brake this relationship. Maybe Belial? Paimon? Some advice. This ritual will be on next saturday night
So I want get back and i don’t want to use and demon yet to get get. Just not now…so what i can do?

There are some spells to break relationships on the forum, use the search bar and see what is convenient to you.

I pick Sitri. I see him like perfect for this job

For break ups I suggest working with Lerajie.
She’s known for breaking up love affairs and marriages.
As well as influencing conflict in relationships ,or eliminate one’s attraction to another.