Ritual for Hire categories

In the Ritual for Hire, EA offers 4 categories. If I want to purchase the ritual for hire service, do I have to pick just one of the categories? I know this may seem like a silly question, but I am serious about potentially hiring.

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Those categories only facilitate searching for items, they don’t affect the purchase in any way. On the payment page, there are no categories.

You’re going to be contacted by email to discuss the details of what you need.

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So, for example, lets say I need a ritual for money & defense, would that work? Sorry if I am not making sense, English is not my primary language.

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in his personal response to your request,
he actually asks you to give him a short one sentance request,
while avoiding to give to much detail and background.

So yes,

will work.



You just pick the ‘Ritual for Hire’ tab - there are 12 options.
Decide which Mage you wish to work with, depending on the title and description, and click ‘Book Now’.

Since you’re looking for something broader than just money (and there are 2 wealth options) I suggest either of:

  • Ritual for Hire with E. A. Koetting
  • Custom Black Magik Rituals (Orlee Stuart)
  • PM @C.Kendall on here who works though his business The Infernal Obelisk

After you have paid, you will be contacted by email. In the email, tell them what you just told me, with as much detail as you can. :+1:

Oh nevermind, you said EA specifically.

Yes, he can help you with both money and defense.

The sale ends at midnight tonight probably US mountain time, so better book it sooner and talk to him about it.

Yup, EA specifically. I would love to also get in touch via PM, but I am not allowed to do so on these forums for some reason.

He does not PM on the forum

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His account is gone

Okay, thank you for the information. One last thing: How long do I have to respond to Koetting?

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not sure. i guess he will email you

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just name what blessing or purpose i can. im not getting into rituals tho im looking to move soon ill make my blessing for free

I paid for the service, sent out a form, and am waiting for a reply… Hopefully I get a response soon.

well for any one and you I have new circle that no one uses that is a spirit guide and a summoning circle its red scribed in three places Άρης Άρης Άρης which means mars, mars, mars, then you need a red circle around it but I believe you can use a red triangle around it give it a whirl

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Did you get the response?


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How did it go?

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how did everything go?