Ritual didn't work?


I just performed the Ritual One from the book Demons of Magick. I tried to work with Glasya Labolas but I am not sure that the ritual worked for the following reasons:

  • I didn’t feel any presence or anything out of the ordinary
  • I had a minor issue with burning the petition paper, the paper fell on the plastic sheet where I had some notes in order to perform the ritual

As soon as it was over I noticed a very small cut on my hand though, not sure what this could mean…

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For those of us not familiar with that ritual, what were you supposed/expecting to feel?

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I’m not sure, I’m new to magick but this book and this ritual is supposed to be good for beginners, but some sort of presence or a shift in the room I guess


This doesn’t mean anything. Never look for phenomena. You could get knocks on the walls, shrieking voices, and hands grabbing you, yet have no material result, and you can feel, hear, or sense nothing at all, but still have your request fulfilled.

SENSING A PRESENCE DOES NOT EQUAL SUCCESSFUL MAGICK. The author of the book you are using literally says that regarding Ritual 1: “For most who work this magick, there will be little to nothing that is experienced in terms of demonic presence…your sense of demonic presence is utterly irrelevant when it comes to results.”

Again, that signifies nothing, but a bit of clumsiness on your part. I’ve melted a hole in my UC by dropping a burning piece of paper into a metal bowl with nothing underneath it to absorb the heat. Shit happens. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for all these explanations :pray:

The issue with the burning paper was definitely my bad. Practice makes perfect :sweat_smile:

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Prime Minister Lucifuge Rofocale once told me: “Sometimes it is as if the spirit isn’t there, but contact has been made.” I don’t see or hear the entity every time, but that doesn’t stop my desired results from manifesting. It happens.