Ritual cloth

For the Planetary Ritual book, it requires a pouch and altar cloth of the planetary color. So I bought light blue fabric for Mercury (For School), white for Moon (For Health), and a light pink for Venus (For whatever Venus is planning). I can ask a friend to help me learn to sew. I’m thinking about painting the planetary symbol on the altar cloth. I’ve never had to do something so complex. I’ve mostly been focusing on Raymond Buckland’s candle magick. So, I need to ask. Do I consecrate the items being used to make the altar cloth or do I wait and consecrate the altar cloth when I’m done. The book has a section on how I do the consecration.

Also, do I make the required seal on a metal disk or on paper?


I’m thinking about making the cloth into a banner.

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Usually you would wait until it’s finished before you consecrate it.