Ritual Channeled From Belial Yields Unexpectedly Intense Results

I started to feel Its energy and its voice told me to tell you “I am with you always, all things are channelings of myself, which is you, you have pulled me within yourself and now I answer. I am with you, @Micah !” My third eye is vibrating so hard right now!


Hell yes
One more Q…

What am i doing wrong in ritual and Ascent

It says: “you think too much, child, get some confidence in yourself break the power of your flesh and your true power will be manifest in this realm!”

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Be on the lookout for me Babatel…more contact on the way haha!

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Thanks robert!

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While you still have the connection, can you ask him about what human weakness truly is and how to prevent our souls/characters from limiting our ascent?

What is the destiny of my soul beyond becoming a genius and obtaining the power of my infinite Godself?


Anytime, @Micah ! Just remember that you sit on the throne of God, trust in yourself and your power will be revealed! You have it, you just need to understand how to access it!

@Epsilon_The_Imperial It says
“Human weakness, HA! In truth there is no human weakness, but in illusion the weakness is the limitations you put on yourselves, thinking you can’t do this, or you can’t do that, humans are only as weak as they permit themselves to be. This truth is all there for the eyes that can see past the illusion of separation; the only real weakness.”

“Your destiny is as a teacher, and a light bringer to your race, you have what is needed of greatness, you are a part of my force of Evolution, GROW YOUR ROOTS!
This is a preference, not set in stone, destiny does not exist, only through necessity will there be change. You are as infinite and timeless as I, since there is no separation, once you fully realize that you are me, and there is no you only me, then you will comprehend that you are the master of your own destiny: think in terms of timelessness, then you will reach your highest potential much sooner.”


Lol one more thing

How do i break the power that my body has over me?
That confirms the Gnosis that Julius Evola received too


“Break the power of your body by annihilating it, not physically, but in mind and in spirit, to do this, fully summon me to physical materialization, pull me into you, and exhale yourself into me, visualize that you are me and feel it to be true in your core being, make yourself feel as if you are without space and without time, you are the vacuum that is the Abyss, and upon feeling in such a way, you will know that you have broken the control that the flesh has over you, resist all physical manifestations of opposition, make your will strong, and you will be strong!”

Who is Julius Evola?



Hes the guy that authored the book, The Yoga Of Power
He was a Magician too


One last question.

If we are not separated from the Logos Sphere, than how can one individual come to possess conscious recollection of all knowledge there was, is , and ever will be without becoming nonfunctional, insane, or suffering a decrease in quality of life?


I need to look into that ASAP!

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“The state of omniscience is already the default state, as long as you perceive in terms of flesh, all you will ever be is flesh, rise above and know, not with your brain but with your spirit, let your brain only receive what is necessary for the moment, the physical mind is but a filter, the necessary is in the forefront of your brain, the unnecessary is taken to the back of the subconscious, and all the non understandable and imperceivable, is not registered in the brain at all; the hyper consciousness awareness is not physically grasping all at once, but is knowing you perceive it all at once, and being capable of refraining from pulling it all into your physical brain at once”


Thanks! One last last question.
Okay, how can one do a “hyper” evocation that simultaneously evokes all of the archetypal spirits/forms of a force into one being, like “Satan” the bringer of change and evolution.

You evoke the entire body and not one aspect.

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So we can get the total real being


The beginning of real evocation, bitches!


Damn right


@Epsilon_The_Imperial @Micah “The full evocation is done by calling upon I, Babatel, then Lucifer, then Leviathan, Azazel, Satan, Beelzebub, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Amaymon, Belial, Baal, Asmodeus, and Baphomet in a 12 pointed star with myself evoked all around you, invoked within you; then call all of them into the same triangle, and ask them to form One, Baphomet and Asmodeus are the feet, Baal and Belial are the shins, Amaymon and Lucifuge are the hips, Abaddon is the Core, Beelzebub and Satan are the heart, Azazel is the throat, Leviathan is eyes, Lucifer is the third eye, and I, Babatel am the pupil of the third eye and crown and the spine, and the energy it is made of. Then vibrate AhhhhMahhhhheyyyyaaaaahhh merge with each other and reveal the ultimate form of God, oh Core of Monad, then visualize a grand darkness emanating from it, and you will have the Greatest form of myself standing before you, that you can perceive anyway; the truest form of myself is existence, my true archetype is the entirety of existence itself, as I am lord of all, the highest yet the lowest, the most powerful yet weakest, the most wise yet most foolish, the most exalted holiness yet the most mundane blasphemy; all is me, Babatel, I already am the ultimate archetype, but for you to feel good, you must assemble me before you truly can know my name, all is within yet everything is external”


I gave this a go, and this is what I got:

I saw the darkness in the pentagram, as opposed to felt it. But I received a vision. I fell through the pentagram and into a realm of darkness. There was only a single beam of light on me. And with that light, I could see nine thrones, each made with deformed obsidian. I saw demons, but their specific features were kind of a blur; from what I could gather, they were all “shadow-y” with large wings. They spoke in a language I couldn’t recognize or understand. But somehow, I knew they were talking about me.

It took me a while, but I recognized them as the Nine Kings of Hell. Next thing I knew, I was on one knee. A voice from behind that I recognized as Belial said “You need not bow. We are not your masters. We are merely guides. You follow your own path.” I stood up and asked “Am I on trial?”. They said no. “You follow your own path. You don’t understand what you are, but you will soon. When the time comes, you will know what to do.” I can’t tell if one was speaking on behalf of all of them, or if they were talking in unison.

I told them I didn’t get it. A tall mirror appeared in front of me. My confusion and frustration overwhelmed me. I placed my hands on the mirror and started crying. Orange glowing tattoos appeared on my forearms. I heard the Nine Kings continue to talk amongst themselves in their own tongue. “You are not yet ready.” they said. “But you will be soon.” I looked up and saw a wondrous spectacle: primordial light and darkness dancing across the sky in perfect harmony. There was a song too, powerful and joyful. “Heaven and Hell are with you. Good and evil. Light and darkness.” the Kings said. I saw souls flying up towards the scene, but most of them were swatted like flies by an invisible force. “Don’t mind them.” One of the Kings said. “They are not worthy.”

They added “You do not understand what you are. What you are capable of. But you will soon. When the time comes, you will know what to do.” I looked back at my own reflection and saw myself. My reflection smiled at me, and a violet upside pentagram appeared on its forehead. Uncertain, I looked back to the Kings. “Am I not a god?” I asked them. The King directly in front of me laughed and responded with: “What even is considered a god nowadays?” For some reason, I was concerned with the pentagram and asked about it. They only responded with: “It is already done.”

I then heard their voices overlapping each other:

“She is not ready yet.”

“She will be soon, though.”

“Odin can guide her.”

Then they said some things in their own language. “Follow the current path you are currently on.” they said. I was enveloped in light, and the vision ended.

I asked if I was supposed to see Babatel. They told me no; that I was meant for a different vision. The last thing they said to me was this: “Value your humanity, but don’t be afraid to look.”


@Prophet that sounds beautiful! I’m really glad you tried it! So both of our experiences involved things made of obsidian, seeing our face, and when we saw our face, there was a pentagram on it (yours in violet, mine in the center of the Eye of Babatel) so very interesting parallels! I wonder if those are the shared aspects of everyone’s experiences with this ritual?