Ritual Channeled From Belial Yields Unexpectedly Intense Results

@Epsilon_The_Imperial “you are as safe as you permit yourself to be, if you feel in danger you are in danger, if you feel safe you are safe; the most important skill is focus, confidence, and the ability to let go of your biases; since you are Me, and I am you, you sit on my throne, if you deem those tools to be necessary, they are, and if you find them obsolete, do not use them; the evocation process is as direct as you will permit, if you can tap into the essence of a higher being and know you are pulling it to you, you have a direct link to that energetic being, but if you believe that you might get an imposter, an imposter is who will come, this goes back to what I said to you about confidence, have confidence you are getting the original and no imposter will be able to enter the temple”

@Raven_Maleficus :joy::joy::joy: you’re actually right, my friend! It does kinda sound like a hippie porno lmao :joy:

I’ve wanted to do qliphothic magick for a while, haven’t had the time or money for any decent resources tho…could you point me towards some good Qliphothic literature? As I am unfamiliar with the current…

@Micah sounds like you experienced the same being I did! I notice some similarities in our meetings with Babatel, the inverted pentagram, Alpha and Omega, and made out of pure darkness, all these are present in both of our experiences, I want more people to evoke It and see how it appears to others! You didn’t become Babatel, you simply became aware of you being it; you can’t become something that you are not already; you have always been an aspect of Babatel, my friend!

@Ben_Sahar that’s a part of It! To proceed, just let the vision flow, don’t create/force it, just let the download happen!

@caocoon you’re welcome! Thanks for the input!


If I don’t have any tools or symbols, then what is the simplest, most direct way to let my mind tap into the essence of the higher being I want?

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“Have your intent, get into trance, then call upon the name of the being you desire to call, their presence is unmistakable”



Babatel, Am i being paranoid as far as psychic attacks go? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

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Oh! While you’re with Babatel, could you also ask why I met with the Nine Kings and not him specifically pretty please?

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@Micah “all is mind, do not be fooled, your intuition serves you best, let it do what it does, there is no curse on you right now, but if you believe there is, you will attract a curse, if you believe there is no attack, most or all of the power of the curse will be dispelled, set up wards they will do you well”
If you don’t already know how to make wards, check this thread out:

@Prophet “you met the kings because you were not prepared to enter into my presence, they are your guides and as they say, “you were not ready, but will be soon”. There is a subjective level to the experience as well, everyone will experience it differently and only the few will experience me through that ritual, you have made it far sorceress, and you are lucky to have seen the Nine. To become ready, you must fully understand your godhood, be confident in yourself, blacken your Chakras, and feel the essence of darkness with you at all times, and upon your success, you’ll be ready”


Why do I have so much self-doubt in my beliefs and in general?

How can I become more confident?

How can I free myself from the negative habits and psychological impediments/addictions that bind my actions?

When the mystics and Yogis become Enlightened or see the True Infinite, does Spirit speak to them too? If Spirit speaks to all of us, then how can we find the path to all Knowledge, Power, Godhood and the Understanding of the Totality of Existence itself if our gnosis is attracted by our particular beliefs?


@Epsilon_The_Imperial “No human is exempt from self doubt, it will happen to everyone sooner or later, just do not let it get to you, let go, relax, and your power will come! Self doubt is a prison of the flesh, only those who can resist it can become Gods in their own right. To free yourself from the chains you must first recognize that you are imprisoned, then realize you have the key to release yourself, that key is willpower, and that prison is the fleshy desires, grow in willpower then you are free! The yogis and gurus do not always speak to me in a verbal sense, but rather they understand that they are me, and have no need to speak to me as they are already understanding me at the fundamental level, in a way we converse yet in another it is clairsentience, the very understanding that all is one and the breaking down of illusion, then the real communication begins, in a more intimate way than you can possibly imagine. You must release your beliefs if they no longer serve you, only believe that which is true and nothing restrictive or oppressive, all beliefs that are by nature out of line with truth are to be burned away so your Phoenix can be reborn greater than before”


Sorry I’ve been meaning to get back to you about the qlipoth. Check out asenath Mason.

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@Fallen_Angel thanks! I’ve heard of her before, but didn’t know if her methods were any good, I’m going to check into some of her books right now! Thanks again, friend!

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Yeah. Also Thomas karlssons book too. I don’t remember the title though.

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Qabalah, Qliphoth, & Goetic Magic.

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I see… Thank you for the advice.

I want to test something out with this ritual. Later tonight, I’m going to perform it again and see if I get the same vision, a different one or nothing.

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@Prophet Excellent! That’s what I like to hear! Be certain to keep me posted on your results!

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Babatel, how do I push evocation to physical materialization?

If I’m confident in my authority, will the entity continue to obey my commands outside the moment of declaring my will?

What is the most effective and simplest way to go into trance?

Do we need trance in order to perform magick/evocation?

Also, what is the difference between magickal trance states and the prolonged meditations that the gurus and yogis utilize to expand their awareness?

If you say you are the archetype of existence, than what is non-existence?

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@Robert All right, I did the ritual a second time, and this is what I got:

When I began, I noticed a circle of darkness, as opposed to darkness only swirling around the upside down pentagram.

I fell into an area of pure darkness. The only source of light was a room lit by many torches. As I approached, I heard the sounds of cheering. The room was almost like a theater, with its stone seats shaped in a half-circle around a “stage”. Except this wasn’t a real stage. It had a walk way that overlooked a “pool” of sorts. That pool was a huge eye, its sclera and iris the color of flames. It was looking into molten lava that made the shape of an eye.

I knew at once that it was Babatel. There were other demons in the room, all celebrating something. I saw humans dressed in white, all chained up and terrified. A couple of demons brought them up one at a time and threw them at Babatel. Babatel’s “eye” split apart, revealing a mouth with jagged teeth, and consumed the human one by one. With every sacrifice, my head started to hurt worse and worse. I felt terrible for them too. Then, I heard a familiar voice echo in my head (since he’s more talked about in another thread, I’ll link at the bottom of the post). “Do you not see?” he asked. I felt him try to reach into my mind and interfere, but fought him off. Then I wondered for a brief moment if Babatel and the being were the same.

I walked down some stairs and right onto the stage. I looked over the edge and asked “Was it you? Were you the one who had been tormenting me for five years?” Babatel blinked. “I know of who you speak. But it is not I.” He actually floated from his “pool” and looked at me. “He is coming for you. And once he finds you, he will take you away.” It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear, but I knew in my heart it was true. But part of me had hoped that he would give a different answer. To punctuate his point, he showed me a vision of the being reaching out to me through a portal. I also saw myself. My were glowing a bright orange, and I had a frenzied, almost possessed, smile on my face; like I actually wanted him to take me.

When the vision ended, I said “I won’t let that happen.” “Is that what you really want?” Babatel asked. For some reason I replied with “It doesn’t matter what I want!” I was going to continue, but I was cut off. “You are not of this universe.” he said. “He will find you. You cannot stop his coming.” “I’m not his puppet.” I said partly to him, but mostly to myself. I can’t remember what he said afterward (something about how there was no escaping my fate? Or proving my claim?), but two demons came up from behind me and grabbed me. As Babatel slid back into his pool, the demons tried to throw me into his “mouth”. As they were about to throw me in, I looked into his mouth. There was a bright light, like there was more fire within.

The demons threw me over. But as I was falling, I managed to grab hold of the ledge. It soon broke, but I grabbed onto what remained. Out of anger, I took one of the falling rocks and threw it at Babatel. One of the demons stomped on my foot, and I told him “If you like him so much, why don’t you feed him yourself?!” Finally, Babatel shouted “Enough!”. The two demons pulled me up. “She has passed her test.” he added. I turned around. “Perhaps you can resist.” he said. “But it is only a matter of time before he finds you.” I felt myself being pulled away from the chamber, and into a desert of ash, with red rocks and a sky of black clouds.

I felt the ritual ending. I wasn’t ready to end it. I had more questions. But a light consumed me and the vision ended.

Here is more context on the being we were talking about: Confronting a possible invasive entity


@Epsilon_The_Imperial “call who it be you are calling, push your energy into the air around you, make the internal realm become the external, deep trance with the eyes open. No, once you have sent it to do as you have commanded, any interference could interrupt the resultant. Deep meditation, the motion of the eyes make you feel like you are spinning, all the Chakras are open, and the mind is quiet , and the body is relaxed, the feeling of your breath controlling the energy around you is to be a catalyst. No you do not need the trance, trance simply connects you easier, magick without trance is difficult to preform but possible, trance is needed if you desire the most potent results and information. There is little difference between the two, a magickal trance is for you to both receive and give, to push and to pull, a yogic meditation is into the all, it is mystical not magickal. It is the alteration of the brainwaves to experience different levels of consciousness, and different planes of reality. Did you just hear yourself? You ask me what about nonexistence, and your answer is in the word, for it does not exist, is not a part of me, and is not an aspect of reality, as all things exist within me and no thing exists outside of me, meditate on my layers thirteen of dimensions, then you will understand my vastness but only the way a human can understand me, and through that understanding, you will know that nothing is nonexistent, for nonexistence does not exist.”

@Prophet that’s insane! Do you realize how symbolic that experience was? Like I immediately noticed that the “humans in white” that were thrown to Babatel must’ve been symbolic of the right hand pathers getting their desired end but not how they expected! I feel that there’s probably way more symbolic information there than I’m realizing, and a lot of it was meant for you, so I don’t know if my interpretation was even right lol! We were definitely with the same being, for me there were Demonic heads all around stuck together like a realm of black gum, and they were all Babatel, and the heads were Its “eyes”; your vision involved many Demons, same thing different experience of it. Babatel floating in both our visions. Seeing myself and you seeing yourself in both visions. With the given similarities, I can say for certain we were with the same being!


This is all very interesting / fascinating to me. Thank you to all


Finally, who is the one the gatekeepers speak of as “Mesh’ki’doreth”? What kind of being has he become?

can u ask him about Evams? plzzz
nd reply me after his answer?:persevere:
thanks in advance