Ritual Candle Weirdness

I use Tealight candles in my rituals because they burn fairly slowly, they are cheap and easy to find, and they are good enough for most uses.

But for the last few months, I’ve notices that they tend to burn out into what resembles an impact crater. Like, wax around the rim of the candle top doesn’t melt completely and it ends up looking like a blasted out impact crater.

I feel like I may be putting more energy into my rituals than the candles seem to be able to channel easily…


May be time to upgrade on candles :thinking: i use a mix of chime, taper, pillar and jar candles depending on the work. Tealight candles burn really fast last few times i tried them for a ritual outside of evocation. Though if im just using them for lighting they last me for quite awhile.


I also have to deal with limited altar space because of my altar being portable.


I experienced that last night. First time I’ve ever used them for an evocation and they cratered and burnt out in around 40 minutes. Usually they burn close to 3 hours when used for anything else. Chime candles are great for low space. They don’t leave much wax behind either so a little bit of cardboard or a tiny plate, maybe a shot glass make perfect holders.


Here’s a picture of an old burned out one.


Yeah chimes are handy, i use them in place of tapers when it is an option for rituals that require 5 or more candles. So far has worked out very well and i can get a case of 20 for 7$.

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Mine looked exactly like that.

I like votives.

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