Ritual: Blades Of Ascent

Hey guys,
Here is something i came up with a few days ago.
The purpose of this is to Kill all forms of weakness within. You need no tools except your body

Begin by circulating energy through you and charge your body with it. Focus on your Hands especially.

Once you are charged with energy put your hands flat on the ground and turn your mind fully to Ascent. You will feel the currents of Ascent come through the ground and into your hands.

Grab the currents. And i mean physically motion to grab them. Turn your closed fists, palms up and open them.

Conjure the spirit of Metal and command that it mix with the currents to form Blades of Ascent.
They will look Similar to the Shuriken in Naruto and other Anime shows.

Once this solidifies, command the blades to rip through your very flesh/being and kill all weakness.

Some of you: Prepare for Pain

Others: prepare for pleasure

Other others: just prepare :joy:

The blades will return to your hands once finished. Afterwards, shrink them into your palm chakras and close the chakras.

Youre done


Oh boy

adds another ritual to schedule

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Pain IS pleasure. So. It’s all good! Thanks for the meditation. You never cease to suprise me! Lol! “I have an idea…!!!”

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