Ritual black robe

I been on the Luciferian Apotheca website window shopping for a ritual black rob, i am desperate in purchase later down the track until save enough doe, i love the look at the crushed velvet Sorcerers rob one with black satin lining 63" neck to floor, other black sorcerers crushed velvet with red satin lining 63" neck to floor Both $99.99 i wondering which would be better red satin lining or black satin lining blending into the night.

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Yeah, those look nice. Azoth also has some nice ones, custom fitted. To answer your question, black. But keep in mind that solid black is generally not the best camo for concealing yourself at night.

Which would be better royal velvet.

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For concealment, I would go with a good linen robe. It soaks the light and has no sheen to it’s surface from any angle. A second choice would be the velvet. Velvet soaks the light even more, but so much so that it would actually accent the out line of your form against a background. I would avoid anything satin or sateen, as you will shine when light hits you from off angles, and the material is less durable for intense working and repeated cleaning.

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I check Azoth, no nothing regarding ritual black robs

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That was their old site. Here is the new one:


I have found it i think, a ceremonial rob with detachable hood 160 to 230 is that okay. Cotton or silk

Thank you. They are beautifully made.