Ritual bath experince

I just took my first ritual bath and it felt amazing did peace full and full of energy. I wanna now your guys experince taking a ritual bath anything special happen creepy magical.


Interesting synchronicity, I’m planning on taking my first ritual bath tonight. Gonna be a beer bath to remove any traces of Malochia, as well as strengthen the spiritual body. What sort of bath did you do?


love, peace, energy

when I was a teenager the demons loved it when I had a bath they would relax me and I would fall asleep and then I would wake up revived and continue working till 6am in the morning the demons almost drowned me a couple of times so if you are going to fall asleep in a bath tub set up a cooking timer so the demons don’t drown you .

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I can’t fall asleep in wanna I can go to a trade but one water rise to my neck I’m imdeatly a wake. also about the relaxing with demons